The Main Peculiarities of Nuru Massage


The Nuru massage program is aimed at working out all muscles, activating the client’s energy channels and nodes. A masseuse with ideal shapes uses her entire body, working out the guest’s muscles not only with her hands, but also with her wrists, elbows, and buttocks. By the end of the program, the masseuse with skillful hand movements will take the client to the highest point of pleasure, which few people have ever reached.

If you visit SweetTouch in Paris and select Nuru massage, complete relaxation and simultaneous excitement from beautiful views and sensations are guaranteed. This type of massage is able to awaken the freshness of the body and cleanse the mind. Moreover, at SweetTouch massage agency, the customer gets not only pleasure from tactile touches, but also from the inextinguishable energy of the masseuse’s attraction, from her mood.

What is Special about Nuru Massage?

The ancient technique of rubbing the body with various oils and the impact on certain points for centuries has allowed people to restore strengths. Nuru massage has become an elite procedure, during which the peak of unity with a partner and a special pleasure bordering on ecstasy is achieved. This effect has several features at once that distinguish this type of massage among all similar techniques:

  1. Using a certain type of oil. The massage itself got its name thanks to the gel – Nuru. Nuru covers the body with a soft, smooth layer, creating a transparent pellicle through which the skin continues to breathe.
  2. A special method of applying the gel, producing an erotic nuru massage creates a feeling of a special mystery, from which oriental charm exudes. In elite centers for the provision of exquisite services and salons like SweetTouch in Paris, girls are specially trained in this action in order to bring the process to the ideal and to bring their partner to the peak of bliss.
  3. Special movements and the densest touch of two naked bodies to each other – this is another nuance that makes the exciting Nuru massage desirable for both men and women.

How does Nuru Massage Work?

Everything is important in this process – the atmosphere, lighting, room, and the emotional state of both the masseuse and the client. If the atmosphere is suitable, then you can expect the following procedure:

  • A naked man sits on the bed and watches as the girl applies a thin layer of Nuru oil to the body, allowing to preserve the seductive female scent.
  • The masseuse touches her partner with soft stimulating movements, gradually coming into contact with him completely. Due to the cool oil covering the hot female body, the man feels a special erotic contrast that affects the skin receptors and activates sensory sensations in both partners. The closest and most dense touch of bodies to each other makes it very memorable.

The Essence of Nuru Massage Technique

The Nuru technique includes training in the erotic application of Nuru-gel, the peculiarities of body movement of the masseuse, and the impact on certain points that cause strong attraction. If a girl has a trained and gentle body and knows how to properly control it, then her partner will be able to feel the whole palette of the brightest emotions.

SweetTouch massage agency in Paris has only professional masseuses that are able to evoke incredible sensations and feelings. These indescribably gentle girls will give you dazzling feelings, reveal fresh facets of pleasure, and bring a note of full-fledged relaxation into the string of steel everyday life. Thus, it is definitely worth visiting!

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