The Difference Between Discrete Graphics And Integrated Graphics


When we buy a computer, we choose one according to the parameters of the computer. But most people are confused when they encounter discrete graphics and integrated graphic. They do not know the difference between the two products. This article shows you the difference between them.

First of all, we need to know what is an integrated graphics and a discrete graphics.

Integrated graphics is the core of graphics processing integrated on hardware. The display chip, display memory and related circuits are all made on the main board. The graphics integrated with the main board ismade on the north bridge chip of the main board. In general, integrated graphics is covered with heat sink in order to assist in heat dissipation. In addition to the CPU, the one covering the heat sink should be the North Bridge chip. And the integrated graphics card is integrated in the North Bridge chip. Some integrated graphics cards areintegrated on the motherboard. Some are integrated inside the CPU. The integrated graphics card integrated in the CPU has another name, called the core graphics card. People call it the nuclear display. The performance of the integrated graphics depends on its model.

Discrete graphics refers to making display chips. It displays memory and related components and circuits on a circuit board to form a large component.

Integrated graphics cards are space-saving and have good performance in terms of cost and compatibility. But due to the limited space of integrated graphics cards, there is no independent video memory. So its performance is not as good as that of high-end discrete graphics cards. Integrated graphics are widely used in light and thin laptops. It can only replace some entry-level discrete graphics.

Discrete graphics have independent video memory, more space and better heat dissipation. So discrete graphicsarestrong in performance. But it needs enough space and extra power supply. So this kind of graphics is common in assembling computers. The power consumption of graphics is relatively high, but graphics cards can be upgraded. Discrete graphics are your only choice if you need games or professional skills.

The disadvantage of integrated graphics is that they cannot have upgrading. The integrated graphics do not have video memory. When running, it needs to take up part of the memory as video memory. This will affect the performance of the computer at certain times.

Each of the two graphics has its own advantages and disadvantages. Laptops on the market can be equipped with both single display and nuclear display. We can take the latest HONOR MagicBook Proas an example. It can support dual graphics. This laptop has integrated graphics and discrete graphics. It can automatically switch between the two graphics according to the load on GPU. If the integrated graphics is not enough, it will run a separate graphics to relieve the pressure.

When we need to choose one, we should combine our own needs.We should know whether we need an integrated computer. This kind of computer with a graphics or with a separate graphics. Of course, computers that support dual graphics cards aregood and are the most cost-effective.

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