Going For a Double Eyelid Surgery? Here Are Some Myths About Double Eyelid Surgery Myths To Dispel!


Despite the popularity of double eyelid surgery in Singapore, there are still many misconceptions about it. There are still many myths circling around about this cosmetic procedure. Can men opt for a double eyelid surgery? Because apparently, most people believe that double eyelid surgery is only for women. Some people are scared to go for a double eyelid surgery because they believe that it will leave a permanent scars. There are even people that would go for a double eyelid surgery anywhere because they believe any plastic surgeon will yield the same result. Are all these things true? What’s the real truth about double eyelid surgery? Here are some of the popular myths about double eyelid surgery that you should know before getting a double eyelid surgery!

Myth: Chronic dry eyes is common side effects to double eyelid surgery

Yes, dry eyes is a common temporary side effects to double eyelid surgery, but it’s certainly not common to have chronic dry eyes. Usually the change in fat tissue in the eyelid will cause the eyes to not produce enough tears for a while. This is why it might lead to dry eyes. The swelling from the surgery sometimes also hinder the eyes from being tightly shut, there’s why it tends to be drier. [1] This is mostly temporary and will gradually get better as your eyes heal from the surgery. There are tips to making sure that you don’t experience severe dry eyes and your doctor will have treatments you can follow to reduce the discomfort as well.

Myth: Double eyelid surgery is a simple procedure and any plastic surgeon can yield the same result

This is wrong. You have to find someone that is experienced. While it’s true that a double eyelid surgery is common and simple, but you still want to choose an experienced surgeon that has good track record to yield the desirable results. You want a track record of success procedures and you want to know that your surgeon is proven to deliver the results that you expect. If you have friends or families who are happy with their double eyelid surgeries results, ask for their recommendations!

Myth: Double Eyelid surgery will leave noticeable scars

The double eyelid surgery will leave scars from the incisions made to create the double eyelid. However, these incisions should not be visible. It will be tucked and hidden inside your eyelids. If you go to an experienced surgeon, you won’t have to worry about this. It is most likely that your scars won’t be noticeable and won’t be visible at all.

Myth: Double eyelid surgery is permanent

The two common approach to double eyelids are the suturing method, which is non-incisional or non-surgical, and then the surgical method. The non-surgical approach is reversible, because all you have to do is remove the sutures to bring your eyelids back to its original positions. However, surgical procedures will lead to permanent results. This is why it’s so important to know what to expect from the surgery before actually doing the surgical procedure. In cases where patients were unsatisfied with the results, patients were actually not well-informed about what the results would look like. Some patients put unreal expectations upon the surgery. This is not a wise place to be, because unreal expectations will lead to disappointments. So, be sure to consult with your surgeons thoroughly before doing the surgery.

Hopefully you are able to learn more about double eyelid surgery from this article, and able to dispel the myths surrounding them! Next, you should take a look at the most Frequently Asked Questions about double eyelid surgery!

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