The Correct Air Conditioning Of Industrial Kitchens


The air conditioning of industrial kitchens is an essential factor in any food preparation and sale establishment due to all the heat that is emitted when cooking and all the machinery present in the room. There are multiple methods of air conditioning; however, the appropriate one varies according to their characteristics. First of all, if you want your restaurant to be a success, the first thing you should do is make sure that it has a calm environment, brightness, and a temperature that pleases diners and workers.

Having all this will have the consequence that the client enjoys much more and, therefore, you will contribute significantly to their return to the premises on another occasion. On the other hand, if you do the opposite, it will not repeat the experience, and you will lose a consumer. This is where the need for proper air conditioning equipment for industrial kitchens guarantees effective control over the global environment of the restaurant and any of its rooms, providing comfort not only to customers but also to workers.

However, and faced with this need, everyone asks whether there is a perfect method of air conditioning industrial kitchens to establish in each of them without having differentiating characteristics.


Perfect Air-Conditioning For Industrial Kitchen

Yes, there is a correct air conditioning of industrial kitchens, and, despite being a somewhat complicated and confusing job, it is not impossible. However, if we have to establish one, in particular, this varies depending on the size and distribution of those kitchens. The ideal in an industrial kitchen air conditioning system is that it has air conditioning to be useful both in winter and in summer. In this way, it will cool in hot weather and warm in very cold weather.

The equipment must be perfectly integrated into the restaurant space and, above all, its kitchen to satisfy the air conditioning needs of cooks and kitchen assistants. For all this, we recommend having the support of professional installers of air conditioners or air conditioning systems for industrial kitchens. Before proceeding with the installation, these will check the thermal load that the air conditioning device must have, thus establishing the required ” frigories.”

It is important to remember that the thermal load calculation is influenced by multiple elements, such as the number of windows, the area for workers, the dimensions of the kitchen space, the kind of machinery that produces the heat, the access doors, and many others.

In this way, extreme care must be taken with the air conditioning because if we overdo it, the kitchen workers will be uncomfortable and will not be able to do their job well, and the same goes for heating and heat.

For proper air conditioning of industrial kitchens, it is recommended to keep the restaurant temperature between 21 and 23 degrees during the summer, and between 20 and 21 degrees during the winter. With this measure, the workers and customers of the establishment will always feel at ease. Contact Schaumburg specialties for quality kitchen and baking gadgets.


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