The Best Travel Hairbrush For Life on the Go


The Macaron for Hair travel hairbrush from Milk + Sass is a hair care saving grace for people of all ages and lifestyles. The compact, sweet design fits as easily in your hand as it does in any go-to bag. We all know traditional hair brushes can be big, bulky, and take up too much space in situations from daily purse life, to packing a suitcase, even to organizing a vanity space. Keeping your hair shiny, healthy, and tangle-free can now easily fit in the palm of your hand. 

What Makes the Macaron Travel Hairbrush Stand Out Among the Crowd?

  • Designed in California, the locally made hairbrush is inspired by the shape of a French Macaron and ergonomically fits in the palm of your hand for total ease of use.
  • Smooth knots and frizz easily, painlessly, and without damage, thanks to strategic, sturdy radial bristles, placed at varying heights to ensure no tangle or knot is left untamed.
  • Compact, literally! The portable hairbrush has a pop-off lid that contains a compact mirror, so you can keep up with your hair care routine anywhere.
  • Available in many beautiful color combos, to suit any fashion taste and match any aesthetic. 

Changing The Way You Think About Hair Brushing

Usually, we only think about brushing our hair as a step in the styling process, or as a needed remedy for unwanted tangles and knots. Did you know there are many proven benefits to brushing your hair regularly, throughout your day? Brushing your hair can help with many hair concerns, from the over-oily scalp to lacking shine, to those pesky tangles, and can even help stimulate growth!  Keeping a travel-sized hairbrush with you allows you to address these concerns from anywhere. Humans produce a natural oil in the skin and scalp called sebum. While this oil can be an annoyance when it’s sitting at the scalp, brushing regularly can redistribute that oil throughout your hair, keeping it shiny, moisturized, and tangle-free. Better yet, redistribution of sebum through your hair means there is less left at the scalp, making your styles last longer and helping control unwanted oil. Brushing regularly also brings extra blood flow to your scalp, resulting in a more active hair follicle, and longer hair! Having a travel hairbrush handy makes hair care easy, and achieving your hair goals that much more attainable. 

The Maracon for Hair travel hairbrush is a perfectly portable option for you, it makes keeping your hair healthy, shiny, and tangle-free an easy, sweet treat. With its easy-grip, and lightweight balance it gives you complete comfort and control over your hair right in the palm of your hand. The pop-off lid keeps the bristles safe from breaking, bending, or getting dirty, and the added compact mirror provides all the tools you need for hair care on the go. It’s perfect for all lifestyle situations, from long-distance travel to running between class and work, or an easy day on the beach. Having a high-quality hairbrush with you in any situation means you are always in control of your hair. 


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