The 1080p and 4K Gaming Monitor, Which is the Best for Gaming?


Indeed, the day 4k gaming monitor was launched in 2013, gamers were mad about getting the new experience of gaming as soon as it reached the market. The 4k gaming monitor craze was so fierce that Microsoft and Sony jumped on the bandwagon while releasing the new version of Xbox and PS4 by making them 4k. Many varieties of 4k monitors have been released soon after the Xbox and PS4 were launched eventually dropping the prices of 4k gaming monitors to a substantial level. However, you need to keep in mind that it also costs high to run the 4k gaming monitor graphics for the required GPU.

Even incontemporary gaming the use of gaming monitor with 1080p resolution is still a standard preference and still popular. In fact, the professional eSports gamers still prefer 1080p gaming monitor in spite of the craze of 4k gaming monitors. There are various reasons such as overall monitor style, higher FPS and general feel etc. because of which the professional gamers still prefer 1080p. On the other hand, larger 4k gaming monitors are a splendid idea to fee great but though the preference varies, larger 4k gaming monitors need extra computational strength and for some, it gives more work to the eye. However, it is not at all a problem when you are gaming for hobby and wish to experience the thrills and excitements of a 4k gaming monitor. But when it comes to eSports professional gaming, it makes the difference.

Another interesting fact you should be aware of the 1080p that there are so many different varieties of 1080 that often people get confused about them and sometimes fall victim to low-quality monitors. In this context, it is beyond debate that gaming in a 4k gaming monitor is simply outstanding. The moment you switch over to one of the 4k gaming monitors you will ultimately captivate by the mesmerizing colours and intense overall experience of your 4k gaming monitor.

The resolution in 4k gaming monitors have the four times pixel counts in comparison to a similar size 1080p monitor. It means you have better overall clarity and enhanced image quality in the 4k gaming monitor. However, if you are still looking for gaming in 1080p you should use the 14-27” monitor because any other monitor which is larger than that may result in individual pixel. On the other hand, if you wish to experience absolutely the best graphics you need to pick the 4k gaming monitor.

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