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You can rely on The Economic Times to provide thorough, in-depth, and objective news coverage. Individuals frequently use the Economic Times newspaper, website, and mobile app when finding important updates.

ET Play, which offers you a thoroughly researched and nuanced take on the most important daily news stories, is available on its digital platforms. Journalist Dia Rekhi is notable for her work because she covers various fascinating subjects, including technology, digital media, and money.

Economic Times reporter Dia Rekhi:

Senior correspondent with The Economic Times, Dia Rekhi. 

Rekhi is from Tamil Nadu and has worked for The Economic Times for more than seven years. She has worked on several intriguing businesses, technology, media, and money topics. She has published a lot of writing on these subjects, providing insightful analysis of difficult problems.

Rekhi has a bachelor’s degree in sociology from Stella Maris College and a postgraduate certificate in print journalism from the Asian College of Journalism. After earning her PG diploma in 2015, she started working for The Economic Times.

Rekhi does not shy away from any topic, giving comprehensive and in-depth coverage of her beats, as is seen from her author profile in The Economic Times. Her tales are brief and to the point while offering clever justifications that clarify difficult issues.

Rekhi frequently features in episodes of the ET Play podcasts, which are well-liked for their thorough research and casual style. Reading Rekhi’s pieces in The Economic Times is a terrific way to stay updated on the most recent technological advancements, digital media, and finance because of their comprehensive and all-encompassing approach.

Popular articles by Dia Rekhi from The Economic Times:

Rekhi has authored in-depth articles on various subjects, including cybersecurity, India’s tech policy, and the WhatsApp ban on over 23 million Indian accounts. Her stories distinguish out due to their comprehensive perspective, demonstrating the thorough study Rekhi conducts before beginning any of her stories.

The finest part about Rekhi’s stories is that they provide a comprehensive look at every issue, examining subjects from every angle. It captures the essence of The Economic Times’ objective viewpoint. This emphasises the oft-repeated adage that every story has a second side.

You can visit The Economic Times’ website or app to begin reading for more intriguing news updates and in-depth assessments of current events. You may also subscribe to The Economic Times newspaper for the most recent news.


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