Signs That It’s Time to Move On from a Failing Business and Venture Into a Different Field and Ask for Help from Digital Marketing Agency VA


It’s not easy to accept the reality that you have a failed business, and it’s time you move on from it. However, it might be the only way to stop bleeding more money and have a graceful exit. This pandemic has led to several businesses’ closure, and it could also be the right option for you. The good thing is that just because you decided to end a business doesn’t mean you couldn’t venture into a new one. You can always start fresh and learn from the mistakes you committed in the past. For instance, if you didn’t focus on digital marketing, you have to pay more attention to it. You can consider asking for help from a digital marketing agency VA. You need help in this aspect, so your new business endeavor wouldn’t have a terrible ending.

There’s no end in sight

This pandemic led to strict quarantine measures, and some businesses aren’t even allowed to operate. The good thing is that for some businesses, moving to other platforms was easy. For instance, those who ran a restaurant and aren’t allowed to provide dine-in services moved to food delivery. As such, the business managed to pick up and keep going.

Other companies don’t have the same privilege. For instance, those who rely on tourism for money no longer have a stable income source. Tourism is virtually dead, and the company couldn’t operate. The worst part is that the tourism industry will continue feeling the harsh effects of this pandemic even if a vaccine is discovered. If your business doesn’t see any sign of hope in the next few months or years, it’s best to look for other business ventures.

Your employees are leaving

You might still be in denial that your business is already going down. You still see hope, and you want to keep fighting. There’s nothing wrong with having an optimistic spirit. The problem is that the people you work with don’t share your views. They’re no longer optimistic about the future of the company and decided to drop out. They would rather start finding a new job now than wait for the vague future of your business. If you’re starting to lose your best employees, and they’re the backbone of the company, you should shut down.

You keep losing money

If your business isn’t making money but not losing money either, you can keep going. You can pause for a while and hope that things will get better. However, if you’re not making any income, but the operational expenses continue, you have to stop. For instance, if you’re running a bar, you still have to pay the electricity bills and space rental. You don’t have regular customers, but your monthly bills remain the same. Instead of hoping that things will begin to change soon, you have to accept the reality that it’s time to look for other options that will lead to profits.

You’re no longer passionate

Some people decide to open a business because it seems to have huge profit potential. If you have this reason, it’s understandable. You may not be good in that field, but you can always hire people who will help you out. If things turn out well, you can say that you’ve made the right decision. However, it would help if you understood that passion needs to enter the picture. It’s the reason why most people decide to start a business related to personal interests. They don’t feel like they’re running a company since it’s close to their passion anyway. If you don’t feel passionate anymore, it’s time to give up. Even if you turn things around, you will still feel unsatisfied. You will eventually lose interest. The company will suffer because of your feelings, and your employees could also be affected.

Your accountant told you so

The good thing when you have an excellent accountant is that you will open your eyes to reality. You might think that accountants are only there to help you with tax documents. The truth is that they’re also helpful in analyzing your finances. They will tell you if your business is bleeding money or unnecessary expenses that lower your net profit. They understand the status of your company and will slap you with reality. Once your accountants told you that it’s time to give up, you probably have to heed that advice. The suggestion is based on facts and figures. They were not made up or a result of someone’s opinion.

You can stand up again

Leaving your old business to start a new one will allow you to stand up again. You might have failed, but you still have a chance to make up for that loss. It’s better to let go and start anew than hold on to something because you’re too proud to admit defeat.

You also committed mistakes that led to that failure. Try not to commit them again. The good thing about your failure is that you knew what to do. You learned the right ways to be a better entrepreneur. You also extended your connections, and you can ask for help again should the need arise in your new business venture.

The best quality of a business leader isn’t only knowledge and optimism. It should also include humility. Accepting defeat is a sign of a good leader. When you realize that you didn’t make it, you will make the best decision moving forward. You won’t hesitate to listen to others who know more and help you be a better business person. You also need to take a break. You can’t keep fighting when you feel exhausted. Try to recharge and come back as a better person. By then, you will feel more confident to lead a new business. You can take the new venture in the right direction and the results would be better than you hoped.

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