Scrubs for different professions


Scrubs the popular series about a group of friends that works in a hospital where everything goes wrong. Most people think about the green or blue scrubs that they wore in the series. But scrubs or medical clothing are not only popular in the healthcare industry. In this blog we will describe the different professions that need to wear scrubs.

Scrubs for veterinary

The first profession is a veterinarian. This profession can also be seen as healthcare but then for animals. When working with animals it is always better to wear protective clothing. Not only can the animals bite or scratch, but also you don’t want to fur or feather on your normal clothes. Furthermore, it is important to also protect yourself against any fluids that come off the medicines or the animals like pee, poo or blood.

Moreover, scrubs for women for the veterinary have often multiple pockets and comes with a lab jacket. The scrubs are available in different colors, so for every veterinary company there can be exclusive scrubs. Last but not least taking care of animals is often a heavy job, wearing scrubs that are comfortable and breathable is a number one priority. Also, the scrubs are available in short sleeves and long sleeves. Perfect for the summer and the winter!

Dental scrubs

The second profession wearing scrubs is at a dental practice. A dentist and the assistant need to wear scrubs for the safety of themselves and the clients. Bacteria can develop really fast in the mouth and therefore everything needs to be clean and sterile. Working with a normal outfit is not safe. Also the scrubs are more comfortable and look very professional. When everyone in the dental practice wears the same outfit is looks professional.

Furthermore, scrubs also help with protecting the dentist against fluids that comes out of the mouth during cleaning of placing a new tooth.

Scrubs for healthcare professionals

Last but not the least scrubs for the healthcare industry. This is the most common industry that needs to wear medical clothing. You can also think about the beauty industry like botox etc. All these kinds of professions need to look professional, uniform and need to have comfortable clothing that are also protective. Jaanuu scrubs is one of the most popular brands of scrubs that sells scrubs to all kind of professions. Take a look at the webshop of scrub-supply and order scrubs that are perfect for your kind of profession.

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