Safety tips for the tourists travelling to Mumbai


While Mumbai is the ‘City of Dreams’, it is additionally an unpredictable, appealing city with an idiosyncratic lifestyle. Guests may require a long time to become accustomed to the city and not be scared by its hasty surroundings. Here are few tips that you should follow if you are visiting Mumbai so that you do not comprise your wellbeing and health during the tour.

The super crowded trains– The city life of Mumbai is very different. The trains are overcrowded and it is devastating for the local people as well. The term ‘super dense crush load’ has been given to define the level of crowd in trains. It is advised to the travellers to avoid using trains especially during the busy hours. Even you wish to travel by train, buy the first class tickets to get airier compartments and the ones which are less crowded.

Pickpockets– Mumbai is very famous for pickpockets in crowdie areas. Take care of your belongings if you are in a crowded area especially in trains and bazaars. If you are visiting Mumbai for the first time, you can use a backpack so that you can keep all your belongings in front of you. You will find most of the passengers in train carrying backpacks during busy hours.

Cabs– The black and white cabs of South Mumbai are metered and the drivers will charge you as per the meter reading. However, make sure that you are using a cab with a proper meter. Also, make sure that there is no one inside the cab except for the driver until and unless you are not availing a shared taxi.

Street Food– If you have a sensitive stomach or you have digestion issues, it is better not to indulge in street foods. The street foods are not always prepared in proper places and sanitized conditions. You can have them but only from the very popular street ‘dukans’.

Travelling at night– Because you are a new city and you do not have an idea about the people, it is advised not to travel at nights. While Mumbai is known as a city that never sleeps, you may find girls travelling alone at night. This is because they are familiar with their locality and neighbourhood. Take precautions, stay alert and try to stick to a crowd especially if you are a single women travelling alone in Mumbai.

Therefore, Mumbai is a city attracting tourists from all over the world. There are different flights, and trains connecting the city with other cities. You can now reach Mumbai from Singapore by booking Singapore to Mumbai flight at cheaper rates.

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