Reliable and swift removal service in Sydney


There is no need to take the stress of organizing the shifting of your home or office establishment to another location. This is the job of professional removalists. A professional removal company takes care of moving goods between two places leaving the owner free to look after other things associated with relocation. Nuss Removals in Sydney is capable of carrying out local removals within and around Sydney and cities and towns in other states. Thus, if you are looking for interstate removal from Sydney, Contact Nuss Interstate Removalist, Sydney, todayvisit the website.

Features of the removal services have been discussed here.

Packing and Unpacking

The nature and amount of packing materials are decided as per the types and volume of the goods. This assessment is done by a pre-move survey conducted by the move coordinator. The removalists use many types of heavy-duty packing materials. They include the following.

  • Corrugated cardboard boxes and cartons of various sizes and shapes are used depending upon the types of goods. These boxes protect the items during transit. Special boxes are used to store electronic items such as computers, televisions, printers, microwave ovens, and others besides other valuable or fragile items such as glassware, antique items, artworks, showpieces, and many more. These boxes are made of high-strength cardboard or plastic and specially shaped to carry delicate items.
  • Removalists widely use bubble wraps for wrapping fragile items such as glassware, crockery, ceramic, porcelain, etc. Bubble wrap sheets come in a plethora of sizes and thicknesses. The number of layers of bubble wrapping used by the removalists to wrap the goods varies as per the nature of the items. Apart from bubble wraps, white or brown packing papers can also be used by removalists to wrap fragile items.
  • Plastic stretch wraps are used to pack furniture items and perishable items such as packed food and drink. This wrapping tightly packs the item and protects it against dust and moisture.
  • Peanut filling is stuffed into the empty spaces between the walls of the packing box and the item. Peanut filing acts as a cushion for the item and protects it against jerks and shocks during transportation.
  • Blankets and foam sheets cover furniture items such as cabinets, sofas, wardrobes, and antique furniture pieces. The blankets and foam sheets protect the furniture against dents and scratches.
  • High-quality packing tapes are used to close the packing boxes firmly.

The boxes are tagged and labeled for swift identification during unpacking. Unpacking service is also offered. The workmen also reassemble the furniture at the final location.


Fleets of trucks and trailers are available for transporting the goods. The size of the vehicle depends upon the volume and dimensions of the goods. Specialized equipment is used to load heavy and large-sized goods on the trucks. For interstate removals, Nuss uses railway service. The packed items are stored inside steel containers and loaded on the train. The local removalist team collects the containers at the destination railway station and delivers them to the local address.

Pet removal

Nuss also offers pet removal. Nuss collaborates with pet transport companies to safely transport pets. The best crates are used to transport the pets.

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