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All “Product” will be received for reviews. In the event that it has manufacturing defects, these will be returned to the manufacturer or supplier for their change or repair, and it will be the responsibility of the manufacturer or supplier for the time invested in the change or repair, at no charge to the client. Approximately the exchange time will be 7 business days and the repair time will not be more than 30 business days, from the date of receipt, unless the manufacturer or supplier tells us otherwise.

The Right Choices

In the event that it has been discontinued due to defects or the manufacturer or supplier indicates that it cannot be repaired, we will proceed to make the physical exchange for the same or similar “Product”, as long as we have it in existence, and that a period not exceeding 30 business days has elapsed, or failing that, we will make the respective Credit Note at current price (commercial value thereof), the day it is issued or according to the table of depreciation of merchandise, said Credit Note will be valid for 30 calendar days from the date of issue and you can purchase a “Similar Product or any other Products”, paying only the price difference if there will be. In no case is there price protection in the guarantee. In no case will the cash be refunded.

Failures of the Product

In the event that the failure is not technical or of operation, and the operation failure is due to an improper physical installation, of other accessories, due to the fault of the consumer; for the incorrect installation of the drivers, for the changes of their original configuration or for the installation of illegal or pirated programs, will be the responsibility of the consumer. The personnel of this company is not authorized to install software without a license, leaving it and its use under the responsibility of the consumer

In case of checking the good condition and operation of the “Product”, an additional charge of $ 100.00 (one hundred dollars 00/100) plus VAT will be made for “Product”, due to revision and unnecessary technical service.

It will also have an extra charge in the event that the equipment in question has to be reconfigured, for formatting or reinstallation of its original software (programs) at a rate of $ 250.00 (two hundred and fifty dollars 00/100) e) We will not be responsible for the loss of data or information, or programs, in the event that the revision is in information storage equipment (hard drives, USB memory sticks, cards, etc.)

Note: You must have the service order is at hand to know the status of your “Product” and, where appropriate, to make any claim. Under no circumstances will our company be liable for damages or losses that the consumer is suffering, whatever its nature, economic or not, either because the “Product” sold by us did not work or for the time it takes to your warranty solution.

The Solutions

Any solution in relation to the guarantee will be informed to the consumer, agreeing to the conditions thereof, either to report that there was a physical change, replacement, repair or preparation of the respective Credit Note.

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