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Have you ever wondered why pearls never go out of style? These gemstones of natural origin have been coveted for centuries, for their beauty and also for their various meanings or the mythology that surrounds them. Pearls have been a trend throughout 2020 and will continue to be throughout 2021. This immortal classic is unbeatable, for several reasons.


Why do you like pearls so much?

Pearls have a transcendent meaning for almost all the cultures of the world since ancient times. Magical powers are attributed to them in both Hindu and Islamic cultures. In virtually all cosmological traditions, including the Christian, pearls are often associated with highly valued virtues, such as purity, beauty or perfection. Many peoples believe that pearls have healing abilities and that they absorb negative energies from the people who wear them.

Although it is not an exclusive adornment of women, pearls have been very present among the most precious possessions of important female characters in history, among which are queens, empresses and ladies recognized for their elegance and beauty. A contemporary fashion myth like Coco Chanel adorned herself almost exclusively with them, which is a sign that pearls have always been and continue to be synonymous with sobriety and class.

It’s no wonder that pearls on their own have stood out as standout jewels on the necklaces and earrings of the world’s most beautiful women. They are also the perfect partners for jewelers’ favorite precious metals. Some gold earrings and beads always stand out in any jewelry collection of classic beauty. New jewelry trends have also been able to update the presence of pearls in personalized pearl rings, earrings and bracelets with modern designs, to adapt to new contemporary tastes and demands. Custom jewelry with pearls, is trendy and special.


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Pearls, the favorites of brides

The unconscious association that we make of pearls with purity, the fruit of that mystical meaning that we have told you about, makes pearls the favorite jewels of many brides on their wedding day. It is also for this same symbolic reason that dream wedding suits are still mostly white.


There is an immense variety of pearl earrings for brides that go perfectly with almost all wedding dress designs. Regardless of the color of the dress or the cut of its design, classic or more innovative, pearls are the preferred jewelry accessory for bridal fashion designers. Immortal haute couture artists such as Blahnik, Pertegaz or Caprile – to name just a few of those closest to us – have stated on more than one occasion that pearls are the perfect ally for their creations. They have even included pearls in some of their work.


Whether the occasion calls for a sober and classic design, or if you can allow yourself to break a bit with conventions, pearls should always be present in your jewelry box. You can wear them both on special occasions and in your day-to-day life, without fear of being out of tune and with the assurance that you will stand out for your elegance and good taste.

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