Pandemic House Design – The 5 Principles


The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically altered our daily lives, including how we interact with our homes. Many people spend much more time at home, either working remotely or self-isolating, which led to a significant shift in how we view our living spaces, with an increased emphasis on creating comfortable, functional, and safe homes. Here are the principles for a pandemic house design in Singapore:


Firstly, the design of the home should prioritise ventilation. Good ventilation is essential for reducing the risk of virus transmission in indoor spaces. A well-ventilated home will remove potentially contaminated air and improve overall air quality. To achieve good ventilation, consider installing windows that people can open and close, ceiling fans, and a ventilation system that can bring in fresh air from the outside.


In Singapore, an HDB design means the layout should be optimised for remote work because more and more people are doing this. Also, it is essential to have a designated space for productivity. Why? It will not only help to increase productivity but will also help to create a healthy work-life balance. A dedicated workspace can be a separate room or a designated area in a multi-purpose room.


Thirdly, there should be a greater emphasis on hygiene and cleanliness in the HDB interior design in Singapore, such as touchless faucets, automatic soap dispensers, and antibacterial surfaces. It is also essential to have a dedicated area for removing shoes, washing hands, and storing outdoor clothing to minimise the spread of germs from the outside.


The fourth point is that the home design should prioritise open spaces because spending time outside can improve physical and mental health, which is particularly important during a pandemic. These spaces are great for activities, such as exercise, relaxation, and socialising. The home interior design company should keep this in mind.


Finally, the home design should prioritise flexibility. The pandemic has shown us that our needs can change quickly, and we need spaces that adapt to changing circumstances, like a flexible home design with features such as movable walls, multi-purpose rooms, and adaptable furniture.

In conclusion, designing a home suitable for the pandemic requires a different approach to traditional home design. Prioritising ventilation, creating a separate workspace, incorporating hygiene features, prioritising outdoor spaces, and designing for flexibility are key principles to consider. M2 Decor can make this happen, so visit their website to learn more about their HDB interior design ideas in Singapore. 

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