Fire Protection Design in Commercial Buildings


Fires can be devastating catastrophes in commercial buildings. The sooner a fire is detected, the faster it can be extinguished and its consequences reduced. 

Installing a fire protection system to detect, contain, and extinguish a fire is the answer to address the risk of fire. A fire protection system refers to the technical tools designed to detect and mitigate a fire’s consequences. It must be appropriately designed and installed in a building to protect people, property, and other valuables during an emergency. 

One type of fire safety system is passive fire protection. This system is installed into the buildings structured and aims to cover the fire within a certain area. Some tools of passive fire protection contain fire doors, thermal insulation, non-combustible cable coating, fireproof cladding, and fire-resistant walls.

Every building component has different levels of fire resistance, measured in fire rating. Various standards and rules govern the fire rating of these fire-rated components. Each grade determines how long it can withstand fire exposure before collapsing.

A fire risk assessment is necessary to evaluate various aspects of fire safety in the building’s design and construction. A property condition assessment NJ can help verify the proper construction of fire protection systems according to building codes. 

Routine inspection of fire protection systems is also critical as various aspects can compromise fire-rated components. One example is the electric or plumbing modification that leaves open penetrations in fire-rated walls.

Homeowners associations can hire a skilled and licensed commercial building engineer NJ to determine potentially dangerous factors that can hinder the efficiency of the fire protection system. As the fire protection system is significant for the safety of the building occupants, stakeholders must hire competent and skilled professionals to review the building’s blueprints and actual construction.

For more details about fire protection design in the commercial buildings, Please check this infographic by Lockatong Engineering.

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