Old English Beard


Beards have been growing in popularity over the past few years. According to a report in 2017 published by the international research and analytics group YouGov, in London claimed that 61% of 18-39-year-olds had some form of facial hairs as compared to 43% in 2011. It could be a stubble, goatee, or a full beard.

A beard can help you experiment with your look, or make you look even more attractive. It also protects you from illnesses and stops the allergens from entering your lungs. There can be more reasons for growing a beard.

Some of you might also like to sport a combination of two beards. A chin curtain with a goatee is a good example of it. A full beard will give you a rugged look, and stubble may make you look sophisticated and cool. How about a beard that will add both ruggedness and sophistication. Here is a beard style, you can own to achieve a rugged and sophisticated look: the Olde English Beard.

Grow an Olde English Beard look

The Olde English Beard combines the elements of a door knocker, mutton chops, and full beard. The most distinctive feature of this rugged beard style is that it provides full-face coverage and showcases the cheekbones.

You have to start with growing a full beard in the first place before thinking about sporting a good-looking English beard. A full beard may take a good amount of time, maybe weeks and in some cases, more than a month or two depending on the growth rate of your facial hair. So, patience is the key here.

You need to keep your trimmer, razor, or scissor away from your beard till you grow a full beard. It might start looking a little messy and sometimes untidy, become itchy maybe, but don’t give up. You can use beard oil to prevent it from itching.

You also have to remember to keep your beard clean before you move on to the styling or trimming part. Just wash and rinse your beard regularly so that there is no dirt accumulating in your beard. You can use a beard shampoo too.

Achieve the Olde English Beard style

You have been through the tough phase in sporting an Olde English Beard look, and that is a growing phase. You are halfway through to achieve a rugged and sophisticated looking beard look. Just follow the process to own one.

  1. Get rid of the whiskers

After a full beard growth, you will see some undesirable hair hanging on your upper lip and some of the whiskers coming out, making your beard look untidy or messy. Start trimming those extra whiskers growing on the neck and cheeks. This will help you create a uniform length and evenly grown hair on your cheeks and sideburns. If you are wondering about which trimmer to choose for a sharp and even trim, go for Gillette Fusion Pro-Glide Styler.

  1. Time for the sideburns

Start trimming your sideburns vertically and stop at the one-inch mark above the jawline. Keep this constant. The Olde English Beard style is a luxury to sport as not all can pull the look off. It suits best if you have a weak jawline. It also highlights your cheekbones in the best case.

  1. Chin requires the trim too

Create a vertical line using a trimmer half an inch from the corner of your mouth to the chin. Repeat the process for the other side and make sure you keep them even. Do it very carefully, so it does not affect the symmetry you achieved after a long time.

  1. Trim your neckline

Last but not least, your neckline is the next in line when it comes to trimming. The neckline can ruin the best of the beard looks, if not taken care of. Hence, create a border on the neckline where your hair becomes visibly sparse.

Bottom line

Sporting an Olde English Beard look may sound like a lot of work, but on the other hand, it is sure to help you build a personality that you always wanted. The Olde English Beard look, in the real sense, offers the best of both worlds: ruggedness and sophistication. Make sure you keep your beard clean and healthy so it can bring out the best out of you.

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