Newborn Hamper In Singapore: Custom vs Ready-Made


Newborn hampers are the number one option for newborn gifts of many. People give them to their friends and relatives who have just given birth. Sometimes, they can be baptism gifts as well.

When it comes to the newborn hamper in Singapore, people have two options: personalise one or the ready-made in malls and stores. But which of the two is better?



A personalised hamper for the newborn tends to be slightly cheaper than the ready-made one. But that’s not always the case. You can save a lot of money by buying baby items, such as bibs, lotions, shower gels, and more, at a wholesale price. You can also save money by using recycled boxes or baskets instead of buying new ones.

But if you buy the boxes and items for the hamper at their suggested retail price, the overall expenses will be the same as the ready-made one.


Shops and malls have to profit from their products, so it is a no-brainer that ready-made newborn hampers are more expensive than personalised ones.

Some factors influence the cost of a ready-made hamper for a newborn.

  • Number of items

Generally, the more items in the basket, the more expensive the hamper is. For example, a hamper with more bib, shirt, pacifier, lotion, shower gel, and soft toy is more pricey than a box with bib, pacifier, and soft toy alone.

  • Brand of items

If the hamper has branded baby clothes or imported snacks, they tend to be more expensive than the local ones.



Some people take customisation to the next level. For example, they knit the sweater or socks they want to add to the personalised newborn hamper in Singapore themselves. It could take a long time.

Some people look for specific lotions or gel in malls as well. It is time-consuming if the product is unavailable.

The point is, it takes time to complete and finish all the components of a personalised newborn hamper.


Ready-made newborn hampers are always available. You can buy them from physical stores or online. Remember, it could take two or more days for the online newborn hamper to be delivered, so ensure a lead time when ordering.



Let us be real. People appreciate personalised gifts more, given that the giver spent time and effort, thinking and preparing for the best hamper. People also value handwork, sweaters knitted by the giver or homemade cookies they baked.


Just because the newborn hamper is ready-made, people don’t appreciate them. After all, these items are given for free. However, there is a different kind of appreciation for personalised gifts than ready-made gifts.

There are factors you should consider when choosing between personalised and ready-made newborn hampers. For example, if you have no time preparing for gifts, you can opt for ready-made ones.

But if the receiver is very dear to you and you want a special gift for them, you can go for custom newborn hampers. At the end of the day, the receiver will appreciate the basket.

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