My First Car Refinancing Experience


Everyone always dreams about owning a car despite the idea that it will depreciate as time passes. Even though that may be the case, I cannot help but purchase my first dream car with a refinance car loan in Singapore

Before I share with you what happened and how I found a car refinancing provider in Singapore, there are a few things you need to know about me. 

First off, I am a daddy’s girl. When I was little, my mother claimed that I frequently called his name while crying if he would not let me ride the car or watch a car racing tournament. Until Daddy was there with me and granted me his permission, I would not stop crying, no matter how much my mother glared at me.

Based on that background story, chances are you already have an idea about what kind of a person I have become. Instead of playing with dolls like other girls my age, I always picked a fight with my brother so I could play with his car toys. 

That childishness might not happen anymore, but my love for cars remained the same. Throughout my teenage years, my dad spent his spare time teaching me how to drive a car. He said that it would be a helpful skill in the future, even if I do not have a car of my own. 

Not having my dream car broke my heart, so as soon as I graduated from college, I spent my time working non-stop for the last five years. Yet my savings are not enough to buy one. Considering the increase in the inflation rate, purchasing a new car for sale in Singapore is already a luxury. 

Since I could not stand not owning a car, they decided to get a second-hand one. They are relatively cheaper and suitable for my budget. To ease the purchasing process, my dad advised me to get a refinance car loan in Singapore. He said that it would help me pay off my first car a lot easier with better terms and conditions. I cannot say no to that. 

Searching For A Car Refinancing Provider

Thanks to the existence of the internet, searching for a car refinancing provider has become easy. After asking my friends and relatives if they could recommend someone, I did my research and conducted a background check. 

Given that buying a car is not that cheap, it is only natural to be more cautious. I am glad I did, and I have found Think One Automobile & Trading. They are a car refinancing provider in Singapore that has been in this industry since 1992. Their years of experience have rest assured me that with their assistance, they could get a second-hand version of my dream car. 

Do I Recommend The Think One Automobile & Trading?

Of course, I would. Without Think One Automobile & Trading, I would not have purchased my dream car. This car refinancing provider will help you as long as your concern is related to vehicle finance solutions. 

Whether buying a car or vehicle leasing in Singapore, Think One Automobile & Trading always have your back. Visit their website today if you are interested in what they offer.  

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