Main attractions in Albania’s Capital, Tirana


Albania is a great country to visit. It offers many possibilities for tourism, starting from sea, mountains, city tours, adventure, etc. Being in a Mediterranean area, it offers Mediterranean climate. Therefore, one can have different possibilities to do based on the season of the year. A great staring point is the Albanian Capital, Tirana.

Tirana, is known as the heart and most important city of Albania. Being the capital of the city, similar to other European metropolises cities it offers an never-ending entertainment and energy. It features a lot of restaurants, cafes, clubs, bars, and any other name of entertainment environment. It is attractive discovering by both day and night.

The origin o the name of the city (Tirana) has different thoughts. According to some they believe that it relates to Tyrrenia which is a name of Etruscan origins whereas some others believe that its name relates to the word Theranda (harvest), or even to the Tirkan which is a castle at the foot of Mount located in Tirana, Dajti.

Tirana Attractions

Visitors can start their journey by visiting the National Museums of Tirana which is located at Sheshi Skënderbej, which in itself is a tourist attraction. There, the visitors will be able to visit the Mosque of Et’hem Bey (built between 1798 and 1812) and the symbol of Tirana, the Watch Tower which is 35 meters high (known also as Kulla e Sahatit). The watch tower was built in 1822 and it features a San Marco style cupola.

Furthermore, you can visit the famous mosaic uncovered on the floor of an old Roman lodge. The center of Mosaic configures the walls of castle of Roman emperor Justinian (A.D. 520).

A tourist point worth visiting is also the monumental Tomb of Kapllan Pasha (as known in Albanian as “Varri i Kapllan Pashes”) and the Bridge of Tabakeve (Albanian: Ura e Tabakëve). The bridge was constructed in the beginning of the 19th centur. Being the capital, Tirana features the Albania’s finest museums, theatres, and galleries representing the national arts.

There are a lot more to see in Tirana. Some key spots include: the Archeological Museum, National History Museum, BunkArt 1 and BunkArt 2 museums, the Natural Science Museum, the National Gallery of the Arts etc.

At Skanderbeg Square (Sheshi Skenderbej) you will also find the National Theatre or the Opera and Ballet Theatre.

When comes to eating, the capital offers both a rich traditional cuisine and a variety of foreign dishes, from traditional, to Italian and Chinese, or even Indian cousine.

Tirana lies near the Mount of Dajti (Albanian: Mali i Dajtit) which is easily accessed from the city center. There are traditional restaurants on Mount Dajti offering beautiful view over Tirana while enjoying your food. The mountain can be reached through cable car, offering a fantastic view of the city.

Furthermore, Tirana offers its visitors the possibility to visit the castles of Petrela and the Castle of Preza.


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