Love Being Surrounded by Kids? These Might be the Right Jobs for You


Not everyone is gifted with the patience and ability to work with children. It takes a special kind of person to last long hours just being around such raw energy and inquisitive brilliant minds. 

If you’re the type of person that is energized just by being around children and you think you have the heart to truly serve them and help raise them to be responsible and God-fearing citizens and individuals, then the following jobs might work very well for you. 

7 Jobs That Are Suitable for Those Who Love Being Around Children

  1. Ice Cream Truck Driver

If you want to make children happy, two words come to mind: ice cream. If you really want to brighten up your day with a lot of smiles and laughter, then driving a truck hauling ice cream to different neighborhoods will definitely do the job for you. 

  1. Sunday School Teacher

Contrary to what the job title says, Sunday School teachers work the entire week to come up with really engaging material from biblical sources. They put in a lot of work to not just keep children occupied while their parents attend church service but to help instill the right values and character in them. 

  1. Pediatrician

Some of the most important people in the lives of families are doctors and pediatricians. Having a great family pediatrician helps put parents’ minds at ease especially whenever their children are sick or have medical concerns. 

  1. Pediatric Dentist

This profession is a bit challenging because most kids are afraid of dentists. However, pediatric dentists are not just properly trained with the technical know-how, they are also equipped with the right approach to making kids feel comfortable whenever they visit. Try it out. Give your kids’ dentist in Murray or Boise a visit. 

  1. Pediatric-Registered Nurse

Pediatric nurses assist not just doctors but families take care of their children. While under medical care at the hospital, they help make a child’s stay more bearable and fun and they help educate parents and other family members about things they can do to relieve the patient and make them more comfortable. 

  1. Camp Counselor

If you’re a big nature lover, this job will work well with you. A summer camp counselor might be a great gig for high school or college students to try their hand out at working with kids. Camp counselors are powerful and influential role models for campers. This influence can be used to educate younger kids and empower them to become more responsible and respectful yet still fun and goofy at the same time. 

  1. Teacher

One of the professions that can make a lifelong impact on a person’s life is teaching. If we were to consider the number of hours in a day that children are awake, a teacher spends more time with them than their parents. This is why teachers are recognized as second parents to kids because the time spent with them develops a certain bond and attachment that are irreplaceable. 

Working with children gives one a deeper sense of purpose and exposure to wildly fresh and creative perspectives and imaginations. It gives you the opportunity to make a positive impact in their lives which, in turn, will impact the future of society — who knows, it could 15 to 20 years from now or sooner than you think. 

Being around children every day makes you appreciate the simpler things in life. You play more, you smile more, and you laugh more. 



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