Exercises with dumbbells for shoulders at home


Hello friends! This article will focus on exercises for shoulders with dumbbells. Dumbbells – a very interesting projectile, not universal of course, like weights, but with dumbbells you can also do a lot of different exercises, and in particular a number of exercises on the shoulders. Despite the fact that these days dumbbells are much more expensive than beer, they can be found, purchased, if you want to train. You need to adapt to this cruel world, and so the first option is to buy. The second option is cooked dumbbells, which will be much cheaper. The third option is to replace the dumbbells with other objects: bottles of water or sand, sandbags, etc https://pw-core.com. Dumbbells are good in that they do not take up much space, like a barbell, they easily fit under the bed, do not take up much space in the corner of the room, and therefore many people have them at home. Speaking specifically about pumping shoulders, dumbbells can be easily replaced with weights, of course, if the weight of the weights suits you. It is better to have collapsible dumbbells at your disposal so that there is the possibility of changing weights, but it’s okay if there is no possibility of changing weights – the main thing is that there are dumbbells.

I just want to offer you some exercises on the shoulders, and we will go directly to the exercises with dumbbells for the shoulders at home.

  • Bench press
  • Chin rod

Exercises with dumbbells for shoulders at home

As you know, the deltoid muscles are divided into three bundles – the front bundles, middle bundles and posterior bundles. Based on this, we will analyze the exercises. If you are interested in shoulder width, then you need to pay attention to exercises for medium beams.

  • For front bundles
  • Front dumbbell lift

Immediately I want to offer you an article that describes this exercise:

Front dumbbell lift

This is the most targeted exercise for the anterior deltoid muscle bundles. But at the same time, I want to note that the front deltoid bundles actively work during such bench press exercises as bench press, push-ups from the floor and push-ups on the uneven bars. At the same time, this area works very well during basic exercises on the shoulders – bench press / dumbbell standing / sitting.

Exercise is very simple. You can perform the movement both simultaneously with two dumbbells, and alternately. In a standing position, we hold dumbbells in hands down. Now we raise straight arms to a horizontal line, after which we return to its original position. We do not jerk movements and do not swing the shell. If the dumbbells are too heavy, then you can bend your arm into the elbow joint to form 90 degrees, and raise your arms with such a bend.

For medium beams

For medium bunches, there are many exercises with dumbbells. Whatever you do the exercise on the middle deltoid, they will in any case engage the front ones.

  • Dumbbell Bench Sitting or Standing
  • Sitting dumbbell bench press

Dumbbell bench press while standing or sitting – basic exercises for the shoulders. Dumbbells, in contrast to the barbell, allow you to increase the amplitude of movement, and, accordingly, it is better to pump the target muscles. It is better to perform a bench dumbbell press, as this exercise eliminates the load on the spinal column. It is carried out simply: we take dumbbells in hands, at shoulder level, and we simply lift up, over the head. You can learn more about the exercise at the link above. At home, you can perform a similar exercise in terms of biomechanics – push-ups in a handstand.

Arnold Bench Press

Arnold Bench Press

By the name you can understand that this exercise appeared not without the participation of the great athlete – Arnold Schwarzenegger. This exercise is performed with an element of supination. Initially, we hold the dumbbells with our palms to ourselves, and performing a turn of the brushes outward, squeeze the dumbbells up.

Chin Dumbbell Cravings

Depending on the width of the grip, how the load will be distributed will depend – the emphasis will be on medium beams, or the emphasis will shift to the front ones. If the grip is wide (about shoulder width), then the elbows will go to the sides, and, accordingly, the load will be emphasized on medium beams. If the grip is narrow, then the elbows will partially go forward, which will indicate that the front beams take away part of the load.

Cuban bench press

Cuban includes two movements – pull up and bench press dumbbell. Initially, dumbbells should be lowered on straight arms. We pull the dumbbells up until the triceps reaches the horizon, after which, with a sharp movement, lower the elbows down, and transfer the dumbbells to the top, in the starting position for the bench press, and, accordingly, press. This is a very interesting exercise, which can also be performed with a barbell. But this is not all exercises with dumbbells for the shoulders, or rather, for medium bunches.

Side Dumbbell Lifting

Breeding Dumbbell Standing

For medium beams, it is also possible to lift dumbbells across the sides. This exercise is also called standing dumbbell breeding. In a standing position, we hold dumbbells in hands down. Next, just lift them through the sides. If the dumbbells are very heavy for such a technique, then you can give the body a little forward and make the dumbbells a slight acceleration from below, while fully controlling the movement.

For back beams

Dumbbell Dumbbell Breeding

At home with dumbbells, you can successfully perform such an exercise as breeding dumbbells in an incline. Dumbbell lifts need to be performed in a deep slope. Starting position: we bend, we hold dumbbells on the hands lowered down. Raise your hands to the highest point.

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