Latest Gold Locket Designs For Men and Women 


For starters, the gold lockets are the best gold ornaments to wear on their neck. They are not heavy as the necklace, but smaller and affordable in most cases. With the beautiful gold locket on their neck, they can save a lot of money on the necklace and also embrace minimalism. In the casual use case, the gold lockets are ideal and not the gold necklaces. If you are looking for great gold necklace alternatives, then the gold lockets are the best for your needs. 

Many people just visit the jeweller to check out the latest gold locket designs. Most of the time, the jewellers are not updated with the latest design trends. That’s why you should always know the design trends. With the knowledge of the latest gold locket designs, you will be able to stay aware of the same and also ask your jeweller for custom designs according to the trends. That’s why in this post, we are going to share detailed information on the latest gold locket designs for men and women. 

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Gold Locket Designs that You Should not Ignore


#1 – Heart Shaped Gold Locket 

The golden heart-shaped lockets are perennial and will not go out of trend. You’ll find the heart-shaped locket pretty much everywhere in the market. The only issue with them is the lack of decoration on the same. You can get the designs engraved on the locket itself to give it a great look. Also, if the heart locket is hollow from the inside, then you can add the photos of your loved ones in the same to make it more special. 

#2 – Stone Embedded Gold Locket 

The stone lockets are pretty famous nowadays. With the increasing popularity of gemstones, the gemstone embedded gold lockets are getting popular. You have the option to choose from the single gemstone or multiple stones embedded in the locket. This will help you to customize your gold locket according to the needs. We’ve seen some people flaunting the special gemstone locket in their neck. If you are a creative person, then you can get intricate designs around the embedded stone to make it look attractive. Otherwise, the plain lockets are suitable for your needs. 

#3 – Gold Locket Set 

Women always love to have matching jewellery for almost everything. The gold locket set is one such amazing thing that you should not ignore. In the gold locket design set, you get the customizable gold locket and matching earrings. This is quite expensive but is a very convenient package to match your taste. Mostly, such gold locket designs are minimal yet elegant. The good thing about the gold locket set is that they are affordable and highly customizable. 

#4 – Gold Sphere Locket 

When it comes to the gold locket designs for men, the sphere lockets are considered the best. They are nothing but solid gold spheres, which look great on your neck. Such lockets can be hollow from the inside, to let you keep the photos of your loved ones. Without many intricate designs, they are suitable to wear by all the males.

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