Lab Grown Diamonds Are Produced In An Excellent Manner


A lot of scientists in the late 1800s wanted to reproduce the diamonds in the laboratories. So in 1955, the diamonds were produced. These diamonds were very small and were not of that quality. Now with the help of the advanced technology, the larger diamonds can be produced. The mined diamond is created with the heat and pressure method just as the lab-grown diamond is done. Naturally, it just takes a longer period.

Both Lab grown VS Lab grown diamonds is real and they have the exact molecular structure, optical properties, chemical composition, and physical properties. Diamond is a solid form of carbon and solid carbon can be found in different forms. It totally depends on the chemical bond. The solid form of the carbon, allotropic arranged in the crystalline form with its atoms is made up of just a single element of around 99.95% carbon. This goes with the lab-grown and the mined diamonds. The rest part 0.05% contains the trace elements which are not part or integral to the part of the diamond’s essential chemistry. The trace elements like nitrogen or boron and some natural occurrences like radiation exposure can also have some influence on the diamond color or shape.


Another important thing is that the price of the lab-grown diamonds is around 70% less than the natural diamonds. This is a real saving to the customers. Like the mined diamond can cost around $10,000 and the lab-grown diamond cost around 3000$. So there is a lot of difference between the prices of the diamonds. Another thing is that the lab-grown diamond can be traced back to the lab where it was created whereas the reality of the mined diamond is really harsh. A lot of times you may also have heard a lot of diamond companies dropping some reassuring terms like ‘conflict-free’ or ‘clear origin’. Well, the true origin of any natural diamond can never be claimed to be of any certainty. So, all these terms are just marketing savvy terms because the mined diamond is considered to have changed around 30-40 times.

Grading process 

Both the mined and lab-grown is graded by using the grading process. And all these are known as 4Cs – cut, color, carat, and clarity. Robert M. Shipley created the grading system and founder of the GIA. Now it is the universal grading system and it is used in all the diamond grading either it is mined or lab-created. Even there is no difference in the certification. Both the diamonds can be certified and graded by any lab. The certificate of the lab-grown diamond contains an indication like ‘laboratory-created’ or ‘laboratory-grown’.

The lab-grown diamond is very ethical whereas the mined diamonds are the unethical choice. It is totally well known that countless lives are gone during the process of extraction. The man-made diamonds are actually made in a very excellent or ideal manner so you can opt for this. The lab grown diamonds look exactly the same as mined diamonds.

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