Is There Any Way To Make Scalloped Potatoes Creamy?


Scalloped potatoes being one of many favorites and the perfect go-to meal for any occasion when deliciously prepared with its rich flavors and aroma is no doubt a good meal to try. With the different ways of making it these days, it is no surprise that many are looking for new ways to spice up this wonderful meal to give it a different taste and still make sure that it tastes good. The usual type is not creamy but following this recipe you can achieve what you want. 

Your perfect scalloped potatoes are not difficult to make. All you need Is the number of potatoes that you will be needed depending on the number of persons that will be eating the creamy scalloped potatoes. You can slice it with a slicer just make sure the sides are equal and the potatoes are really thin. You need to get the cream of your choice which you prefer to use. Get all your ingredients like your rich cream, Onions, salt, garlic, black pepper, butter, and flour. In making this, you will have to reduce the flour or you can decide not to use any at all.  

The best potato to use for making this is the white potatoes or the red ones. Share your sliced potatoes into three bowls, make sure it is equal sizes and put in water to prevent the potatoes from changing color to brown. This will not look good at all. Before you start slicing your potatoes,  put them in your oven, let them preheat, and set them to be on 375 degrees. Oil your baking pan with butter to make it greasy and it will make your potatoes and the sauce easy to remove from the pan when ready. Slice your onions to small and thin sizes. 

Next, separate your onions into three small bowls. Add one bowl of your potatoes into the baking pan, add one small bowl of onion too and make sure it is distributed around the potatoes, add your ingredients next and make sure it is well distributed, then you pour your rich cream over it. If you choose to add flour, it should be reduced and not be much. Add your butter and every other seasoning including the ones you like in your meals. Add the second and third bowl of potato and onions and repeat the same process of adding the ingredients. Make sure to add your whipped cream or any brand of rich cream over it. Put it in the oven and leave it for fifty-five to seventy minutes. Your scalloped potatoes are ready.

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