How To Start The Process Of Earning A College Degree


Education can be the stepping stone toward so many things you want to do in your life. Many professional careers ask for a bachelor’s degree or other coursework as a requirement for application. Plus, learning and growing in your skills and overall knowledge can help you become a more well-rounded person on all fronts. Earning a college degree can be an important step for your future, but so many people don’t know where to begin.

Whether you are a first-generation college student or you come from a long line of people with higher degrees, the college application process can be intimidating. From choosing your specialization to getting transcripts together to asking for letters of recommendation, there are a lot of steps to start your journey. Consult family, friends, and faculty members to find the right direction for you and to help get into the school of your dreams. The application is the first step toward earning a college degree, so here are some tips and tricks to help you get started.

Decide how you want to attend college, online or in-person.

Before you can even think about applications, you need to know how you want to earn your college degree. While it may seem more traditional to go away to school and earn your degree while staying on campus, there are actually many people who opt for online programs instead. Merrimack College is known for great programs to help you get your online degree as you continue working or if you live far away from campus.

You can apply to online degrees at Merrimack College to secure a good education without having to change your lifestyle. Tuition may even be lower with an online program and you can take classes with more flexibility and ease. Many people will even go on to graduate programs online as well. Of course, in-person classes are still a great option if you prefer to learn in this way. Either option you choose will help you get that degree.

Pick a major or degree path.

All through high school, most of your classes and coursework are dictated to you. You HAVE to take math, history, and science classes. However, in college, you can choose your own path. You get to decide on your major or your degree. Before you start applying, consider your skills and interests and try to find a program that you think you would enjoy and excel in in college.

Start your application process.

Once you have an idea of what you want to go to school for, it’s time to start your application. If needed, you can often get assistance through your high school or private counseling. Pay attention to important deadlines and work to present yourself in the best light. Focus on creating great application essays and reworking your resume to support all your positive traits. You want to woo the committee so the admission decision goes in your favor, so work to achieve a top application.

Investigate financial aid packages.

Not everyone can lay down tens of thousands of dollars to attend college. This is where financial aid can be hugely beneficial for you. Contact the admissions office to inquire about scholarship opportunities and financial aid packages. You’ll also want to check with local financial institutions to see about student loan options.

Every year, you’ll have the opportunity to file the FAFSA to try to get additional help with your tuition costs. No one should be denied an education due to financial restrictions. You just need to know where to look to get that important assistance so you can start your path toward finishing your degree.

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