How to run a successful solar panel installation company?


Solar energy is bound to become a crucial sector and we are at the dawn of it. Estimates show that there are already over 242,000 solar workers in the United States. If you want to jump on the bandwagon, here’s a few tips on how to run a solar company and become successful in the business. 

Learn all about the business

What does a solar company actually do? Finding out about typical activities, business models and legal requirements is crucial before you take any further steps. These may include:

  • Panel installation – although it may seem simple, it is a complex array of preparatory tasks: inspecting the location, drawing up the plan and consulting the client with regards to financial options;
  • Maintenance – the work does not stop after installation. Each solar company needs to provide maintenance services to already existing panels, e.g. cleaning; 
  • Repair – these activities include warranty services, such as replacements and fixing any deficiencies as to the panels’ performance. 

Prepare a business plan

If you feel like the right person to enter the business, have a solid understanding of how it works and can boast knowledge of both construction and power systems (or have the right advisors to feel confident about these), it is time to prepare a good business plan. What should you look into?

  • Research the market and see if there are any solar companies in your immediate area that are competition
  • Estimate the potential customer base (local businesses or individual households)
  • Wholesale suppliers. As you are probably familiar with construction works or power systems, you have some understanding of the necessity to have access to everything you need to install solar systems. Later on it is important to have a good relationship with your suppliers as well.

Once you start your company, there are many factors to consider to keep it successful. 

Legal requirements

A successful solar company sticks to all laws and regulations. Apart from adapting to all requirements provided by the state, think about getting certified to show your customers how reliable your company is, e.g. with North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners. Your services should always be up to date when it comes to the law.

Find good staff

It is no secret that any company becomes great thanks to good employees. A solar company needs professional and trustworthy people who are qualified to do their job. Apart from technical workers, a solar company requires also finance experts and consultants or salespeople who will answer customer queries. Building a great team is key to achieving good results.

Focus on finance

Your business has to be profitable and a solar company has any chance to achieve that. Keep an eye on any tax incentives or financing sources that may be useful to your solar company. Make extra sure you are insured – full coverage is very important in solar panel installations. 

Sticking to all the above will surely help you keep on track, provide excellent services and make money from your solar company!


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