How to Prepare Your Car For Winter


The coldest time of year is winter. The temperature is freezy with snow and ice in some places. Winter is usually a wet season with either snow or rain.Usually, the winter season affects people, plants, animals, trees, cars, and other things. This season comes with a lot of preparation due to its stormy, cold, and freezing temperatures. That’s why preparing for winter is very essential. This article will guide you specifically on how to Prepare your car for winter.

Tips To Prepare Your Car For Winter

Proper maintenance can save your car from the worst weather, especially in the winter season. A car is likely to break down during winter. So to avoid a such breakdown during winter, here are a few tips to follow;

  • Apply for a loan

Preparing your car for winter is expensive, this is the reason why you can for example get payday loans to prepare your car for winter. You don’t even require a good credit score.

  • Visit A Winter Car Service

Once your car is due for service, get it done especially before winter. Cold causes lots of problems in cars. These problems can however be prevented by regular servicing. Few garages usually offer a discount or free winter checks for cars. The tyres, battery, and other car parts should be checked by the mechanic to avoid issues in winter.

  • Check Your Car Battery

This is the first thing that needs to be done. A good battery shelf is about 4 to 5 years. Battery suffers a lot of strain during winter because of the cold temperature due to the use of lights, blowers, and even heaters. Once your car is having a starting problem, a battery check should come to your mind and it should be replaced as soon as possible

  • Check Your Tyres

Regardless of the weather, it is very important to check your tyres regularly. The steering and brake are connected to the tyres. You can also change tyres as there are good winter tyres that offer strong grip in snow, ice and even slush. Keep tyres in good condition always.

  • Clean Your Lights

Make sure all the lights, rear reflectors, and indicators are clean. Maintaining your light is part of safety in driving.All cracked lenses or bad bulbs should be replaced before winter to avoid accidents. It is very important for safety.

  • Always Carry Car Winter Kit

Be alert during winter when driving. Always prepare for the unexpected. Some winter kits are important to go with when driving. They include

  1. Torch
  2. Shovel
  3. Spare batteries
  4. Scraper
  5. Food and drinks
  6. Blanket
  7. Map
  8. Shoe snow grip

These kits are for emergencies as you drive for safety purposes.

  • Top Engine Coolant With Antifreeze

Common mistake people make is topping up water. The antifreeze gets too diluted and freezes in cold weather. This leads to overheating in the engine and the repair is expensive. Make sure you get the mix right with water and antifreeze. Important areas like fuel tanks, oil, plugs, and fan belt should not be ignored. Never ignore warnings in your dashboard.

If you can’t do these checks on your own, you can visit the garage. Also, ensure you drive carefully, considering the road conditions.

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