How to Organize a Great Corporate Event on a Catamaran and What are the Organizational Features?


A good corporate event depends not only on quality organization, tasty snacks, and good music. The venue is also important.

And if cafes, karaoke, and picnics can no longer surprise the team, then you should consider a boat as the venue for the celebration. Specifically, renting a catamaran in Barcelona for a corporate event is a fabulous idea that would be hard to refuse.

Features of the Event

To rent a boat now, you don’t even have to leave the office. Simply choose a boat you like on the Internet, contact a rental company, book the desired date, and make a prepayment.

What should you pay attention to when choosing a boat for a corporate event?

As we know, to ensure the success of a celebration, some aspects should be considered when choosing a boat:

  1. The appearance of the catamaran. The boat should meet the guests’ expectations and look reliable and presentable.
  2. The technical condition of the vessel. It’s better to ensure this in advance by asking for a document from the organizing company. It will also be useful to clarify the availability of safety measures, especially life jackets.
  3. An experienced crew. When choosing a catamaran for a celebration, understand that the vehicle is in motion during the event. Everyone will feel more comfortable if a professional is operating the vessel.
  4. Size and capacity. Experienced event organizers recommend renting large and spacious boats so guests are comfortable. Moreover, the vessel should match the format of the celebration. It should have spaces designated for a banquet, relaxation, and dancing.
  5. The interior of the catamaran. Depending on the format of the celebration, you should pay attention to the boat’s decoration. You might need additional decoration, or conversely, a colorful design could save on festive decor.
  6. Route and location of the boat. This issue often goes unnoticed and can ruin the entire impression of the celebration. The landscape outside can either lift or spoil the guests’ mood. The same applies if it is a long journey to board the catamaran. Therefore, it’s better to choose the route in advance. And if the starting and ending points do not coincide, you must warn all invitees about this in advance.

A corporate event is a bright and memorable occasion. Therefore, if you approach its organization responsibly, a celebration held on a boat will be a vivid and unforgettable event.

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