How to Access a File Server Remotely Without Using VPN


VPN is convenient to set up, easy to use and improves the mobility of file servers instantly. This solution can extend your corporate network to the desktop machine of a remote worker. But this system is complex to understand, use and troubleshoot. 

There are several terminologies such as file servers, network, VPN Access Client, mapped drives, firewall, etc. that need to properly understand and numerous steps to establish a VPN connection. In this article, we will tell you more about accessing a remote file server without a VPN.

What Is Secure Remote Access?

Secure remote access implies security strategies or policies that help safeguard the transmission of data when accessed from networks or devices that are not regulated by the company.

Triofox is a leading company that enables private and public Windows file sharing without requiring a VPN. It provides secure remote file server access to home workers and remote workers without using any type of device. 

What Is the Need of Secure Remote Access?

Secure remote access enables employees in the organization to access company networks and resources from remote locations by using a collection of apps, devices, and websites. Companies that implement this innovative technology no longer depend on the physical presence of the employees using a specified set of devices.

CentreStack establishes a hybrid deployment between the Cloud file servers and local file servers to effortlessly convert to cloud-only.  The company also leverages cloud storage for safe mobile file sharing via a mobile app or web browser.

Secure remote access also makes sure that whoever remotely accesses the network or file server is authenticated. It uses a safe internet connection to execute the task. It is seen as a second security layer between your data as well as users. 

What Are the Important Things to Be Checked Before Accessing a File Server?

Before a company permits a user to connect to the file server, the app that runs a secure remote access policy should verify the following things:

  • Security: 

It should confirm that connected systems have the latest version of antivirus and firewall with all patches. Also, there should be no risky processes running in the system.

  • Single Sign-On measures: 

Users who are authenticated can access specific resources with their login credentials.

  • NTFS Permissions: 

All existing file access permissions on the file server will get applied to remote users.

How Does Software Solution Provide You Remote Access for Your File Server?

The software solution provides a clean, and safe interface for the remote workforce to simplify remote access to Windows file servers. The software introduces a sturdy, and safe remote access policy to authorize employees to connect safely to all the resources they require. 

The remote file access software lets the user enjoy a safe solution along with ease-of-use from the mobility of the cloud platform. This software also adds a layer of file sharing and secure remote access. 

It helps to prevent disaster, and aids in easy and efficient cloud migration to personal storage. This is what makes it a real cloud file server solution that bonds cloud storage and file servers for safe remote access without requiring a VPN.


Installation, use, and troubleshooting of a VPN system is not an easy task. A majority of employees spend a lot of time and effort troubleshooting VPN issues. Looking at the above disadvantages of VPN, the cloud file server solution proves to be a simpler and efficient way to access file servers remotely without a VPN. 

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