How to Install a Driveway Catch Basin


Installation of a driveway catch basin can solve many drainage problems. Whether you install it in your yard or in a commercial parking lot, it is designed to sort out a lot of drainage issues. You may also have faced the problem of standing water on your property because of the flat surface that does not drain well or may be due to the soil that cannot absorb the surface water.

Lawn with low areas can easily ruin the entire beauty of your garden. And sometimes, planting soil in the garden can also ruin the beauty of your garden when it captures the rainwater and creates a ponding issue in your lawn. Damp gardens are not able to mow, and soggy soil turns to mud and is able to kill the plants, and it ends up ruining the entire garden.

One of the simplest and effective solutions to this problem is to install a catch basin. It is designed to contain or drain way all the excess and unnecessary water. It would be best if you install a drainage pipe to your catch basin that must be able to empty into a drainage ditch elsewhere. If you can not install a pipe, then there are many other solutions out there.

This type of basin comes in a wide variety of sizes and types. Likewise, different materials are used, including concrete, plastic, and PVC is quite common materials used for the manufacturing of these basins. If you need to install a larger one, but you are not able to access the area with heavy tools and pieces of equipment to carry and set it out, then you are allowed to construct one for yourself out of masonry units. The size of a catch basin you need to install entirely depends on the severity of the ponding issues.

If the drainage problem occurs occasionally, then you should install a drainage outlet pipe along with a small two-foot diameter PVC basin as this size of the basin will be enough to satisfy your needs. This size of basin is extremely easy to hand carry as it is so light in weight and effortless to install. These basins can be driven by a lawn tractor without causing any issue. If you install an outlet pipe, it is best as it helps to quickly drain the excess water from this small basin. But if you are facing a larger water problem, then a precast concrete basin will be the best possible choice for you.

Precast concrete basins are quite heavy in weight and need some special type of machinery to move from one place to another and set on the installation place. You will require digging a considerably large hole. So a mid-sized backhoe is able to dig a hole as well as at the same time it can pick up and set the basin. The small size basins are approximately twenty-four inches square and thirty inches in depth. But it really doesn’t worth the effort and struggles to install this basin as a large size basin is able to accept a great deal more water if no outlet pipe is possible to install.

When it comes to installing such basins in your driveway or in a parking lot, then you will need to order what is designated as an H20 loading basin and lid. These types of basins are able to carry the weight of automobiles. Although it is a straightforward process to install it, you will surely require some equipment for its proper fixing.

If you do not install an outlet pipe, then you will need to care about the finished basin and lid that are slightly below the paved areas or surrounding grade. In this way, it will allow the water to locate the driveway catch basin as everything slopes to the basin, and you would not need to get worried about standing water in your driveway.

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