How does sailboat rental in Greece work?


The sailboat rental allows you to explore a variety of destinations in the Greece. It is undoubtedly the best choice for tourist who wants to see beautiful scenery and meet the sea from another point of view. You will have an amazing tour with total security and privacy.

Anyone who has already sailed knows the feeling of freedom it provides and that there is nothing better than a day at sea. Today we are going to clarify the most frequent doubts and show you why renting a sailboat can be very attractive.

Sailboat Rental: How does it work?

Do you want to provide a different experience to your loved ones or yourself and discover amazing places connected with nature? It would be a great idea to rent a sailboat in Greece. The sailboat rental arouses interest in most people, but with it also comes a few questions. The first step towards fun is choosing the professional company that you will rent your motor sailboat or yacht.

You can rent in person or make your reservation online by visiting the Vernicos Yachts website. After choosing the boat, it is necessary to choose an itinerary, already presented by the rental company, depending on the purpose of the tour.

What does the rent of a Speedboat include?

In most places, sailboat rental includes the service of a professional sailor. The sailor is responsible for safety, navigation and all onboard needs, ensuring you and your guests are in safe hands. However, it is not a rule. You can rent a sailboat or a yacht without a captain or crewmembers. However, there can be damage from lack of planning.

You must have a proper valid license to avoid unforeseen circumstances. An extra expense is fuel. In addition to these services, you can hire many other extras, such as waiters, barbecue chefs, bartenders, stewards and others, which will make your navigation even more relaxing.

How much does it cost to rent a Speedboat?

One of the main questions for those looking for a boat to rent is how much it costs to rent a sailboat in Greece. The value will vary according to the purpose of the tour, number of people on board, number of hours, length of route, contracted services and chosen vessel. The motorboat rental price varies as well as the services contracted with the rental.

For example, renting a motorboat without a sailor is usually cheaper than renting a professional to sail. In addition, the price varies a lot according to the size and type of boat. A luxury yacht rental comes at a much higher price than a simple motorboat without a cabin.


Planning a yacht charter is an exciting time, but it can also be a challenge when it comes to estimating the total cost. In order to get the most accurate quote for renting a yacht, contact your preferred broker and give them your budget, wants and needs and they will help you find the perfect solution. Be sure to carefully read the terms and conditions of the company you are renting from to make sure you are comfortable.

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