How Can Consumers Get an Auto Loan with Bad Credit?


When someone has bad credit, getting auto financing is highly difficult. It is important to note that it is not impossible. Individuals need to weigh their options carefully to determine which will be most beneficial for their financing needs.

Credit Scores Are Important

When a lender is deciding whether to approve a loan, they will check a borrower’s credit score. This score determines the creditworthiness of a borrower. If a score is low, the borrower presents a greater risk to the lender. Because the risks are higher for the lender, borrowers will usually charge a higher interest rate for those with lower credit scores. Companies like Consumer Portfolio Services do offer bad credit loans.

How to Get Financed with Bad Credit

Taking the following steps will help a person get financing even if their credit score is less than exemplary. Although every lender is different, these steps can help a person improve their chances of getting the auto financing they need to purchase a vehicle.

  • One of the first things a person needs to do is check their credit. Scores can change over time, and bad credit does not last forever. Knowing their score will help a person seek the right lender.
  • Saving for a down payment is the next step a borrower should take. Having a down payment is going to help a borrower qualify for an auto loan more easily. Borrowers will also pay less interest if they have a down payment.
  • A person also needs to ensure they know how much they can afford. People need to think well beyond the monthly payments. Borrowers should consider the cost of fuel, maintenance, repairs, taxes, and more.
  • Shopping around with different lenders is also a sound way to get approval. Today, there are more bad credit lenders than in the past. With more lenders comes more competition. Ideally, a borrower should check with their bank or credit union first because an established relationship with a lender could lead to more outstanding odds of approval.
  • A person should also consider checking with dealers who offer on-the-lot financing. It is important to note that these lenders typically charge exorbitant interest fees. On-the-lot financing should be viewed as a last resort for borrowers with bad credit.

Borrowers Should Work to Improve Their Credit Scores

If a person cannot get approved for an auto loan, they should immediately begin working on improving their credit score. Improving credit scores takes time and a concerted effort. A person can start the process by ensuring their credit report is accurate. Checking errors with creditors could help improve a person’s score rapidly.

Individuals should also work towards paying off old debts. Taking these initiatives will improve a person’s credit score and help them to get approved with a better interest rate.

Get Started Right Away

Many auto financers work with borrowers who have poor credit scores. Conducting careful research and learning about the options will help borrowers choose wisely, so they can get the approval they need for a car purchase.


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