How SEO for SaaS Differs from SEO for Other Industries


Software as a service continues to increase in popularity. As a result, new players regularly enter the market. However, the amount of competition today creates a challenge when companies seek to attract the attention of potential customers. Fortunately, with the help of seo for saas, boosting brand visibility has never been easier.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization, commonly referred to by the acronym SEO, serves as the perfect way to draw visitors to a site. Successful companies leverage SEO strategies to gain an edge over competitors. To do so, they strive to reach the top three results on the search engine results page.

Seventy-five percent of search engine users visit these sites and never look lower in the results. SEO helps a website move up so it lands in one of these three positions. While any SEO benefits a company and website, SaaS providers benefit from strategies specific to the industry. Why is this important?

What Makes SaaS SEO Different?

The SaaS industry must scale as needed. It must respond quickly when it receives an influx of new subscribers. Effective SEO brings these subscribers in, but techniques used for other industries don’t always work. What does a SaaS need to do to draw people in and make them want to subscribe to the service?

Know the Audience

A person must know which target they are aiming for if they want to reach it. The same holds when it comes to an effective search engine optimization strategy. If the company doesn’t know who wants its services, attracting those people is difficult.

In addition to knowing who these individuals are, the SaaS provider must also know what habits they have and how they behave. This determines which parts of the SEO strategy are of the most importance. Search queries serve as a good example of this.

The SaaS provider must learn what the audience searches for and why. This allows the business to create SEO strategies that work while ensuring the website is optimized for the keywords the target audience searches for.

Quality Content Consistently

Create content around the keywords the target audience searches for. This content must captivate the reader and encourage them to take action. The same keywords should appear in all materials published by the company. Furthermore, this content should leave the reader eager to see what the SaaS provides next.

Boosting Click-Through Rates

SEO efforts strive to increase subscription rates for the SaaS. A higher ranking allows more search engine users to see the subscription service. The keywords present on the search engine results page draw them in, and the quality content on the site encourages them to stay.

The SaaS provider then must guide potential customers through the sales funnel and provide them with concrete actions to take. The click-through rate provides information on the effectiveness of the SEO strategies so the company’s focus can turn to improving the conversion rate.

SaaS companies must understand that SEO is a complex process made up of many different parts. As a result, this process must be ongoing for the best results. When an SaaS provider makes this a priority, subscription rates and the company’s bottom line increase.


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