Go Around to Riau Indonesia, Especially Batam and Bintan Island


Expect to discover many beaches where you can relax on the sand that is cushioned while watching the sunset rays when traveling to Riau Indonesia. Riau is the ideal escape place for people who would like to unwind and lose track of time in a lovely atmosphere since the shores here are famous for their surroundings.

Bintan Island

It is surprising that nearly all tourists- locals and mainly from overseas – came only to Bali. There are many different islands in the archipelago waiting to be found when searching for the best beach vacation in Indonesia. A part of Indonesia’s Riau Archipelago and Sea, Bintan Island, is among these beaches.

Also called Negeri Segantang Lada (Pepper land), which only grow in this region, used to tempt the Arabs, the Dutch, the Portuguese and the British to come to Bintan in the past. The inhabitants of the island, comprising Chinese, Bugis, Malay and Orang Laut. All of them bring about Bintan’s vibrant tradition.

This diversity is signified by the funding Tanjung Pinang, situated in the northwestern portion of Bintan Island.

Filled with miles of white shores and calm waves, Bintan is obviously the ideal place for sunbathing and enjoying water activities. The many renowned Trikora Beach, which is just 45 minutes from Tanjung Pinang by automobile of the island, is now a favorite location for fishing, fishing, swimming, and diving.

You can rent a boat and sail into the Nikoi Island for serenity for approximately 30 minutes in its perfection. Granite boulders dot the landscape with rain forests dominated by banyan trees that provide refuge to the bird—the colors of green and blue paint the ocean, producing a breathtaking ocean view.

Sign up to take you deep into the green of these woods and swamps if you’re interested in finding an experience. Despite its color, the warm water is safe and clean for ingestion (you have to boil it though) thanks to this mangrove’s natural filtering capability. Bodily attributes and its powerful help safeguard the region from storms and tsunamis.


Batam, situated 20 kilometers off the south shore of Singapore, has made a reputation as a shopping harbor and a business center. However, there are other reasons to go to Batam. Batam’s town is composed along with all Batam Island because of its place. Rempang Island and Galang Island, are attached throughout bridges to Batam Island.

The island is also home to golf courses, for example, Radisson Golf and Convention Center, and Tering Bay International. One of them, Tering Bay International, was designed by the legendary Greg Norman himself, with a worldwide standard. Then, visit Nagoya Hill Restaurant, where you can get deals on golf gear. Besides sports gear that is cheap, Nagoya Hill Theater is also renowned for its food solutions.

There are various restaurants in Batam that provide fresh and cheap fish. For example, Harbour Bay Seafood Restaurant and the Golden Prawn Seafood Restaurant.

Visitors might be surprised that Batam boasts a northern shore — ideal for both biking and mountain biking that can take you through the jungle and a stunning seafront. Water sports such as parasailing, windsurfing, jet skiing, and kayaking are available through the island.

Another thing of curiosity is that the Maha Vihara Duta Maitreya Buddhist Temple that features laughing Buddha statues. The temple complex houses a restaurant in addition to an orphanage.

Even the Barelang Bridge is a drive from town. A magnificent piece of structure is a series of six bridges constructed to change Galang and Rempang Island into sites in 1992. Barelang Bridge is now a tourist destination as opposed to a path for transport. Now, visitors come here to shoot some photos that are pretty at Batam as a memento of the weekend escape.

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