Funnel Diagram for PowerPoint


Funnel diagrams are very popular PowerPoint slides which are highly used in digital marketing for explaining the conversion of Internet traffic. You can also use this template for sales pipeline analysis and its stages. This funnel graphic has many templates and some of the popular templates are:

  • 6 step horizontal funnel diagram: This template includes six sections of a flow diagram process and is highly used in data processing activities to get the desired outcome. This template can also be used for bottleneck situations such as decision making and analysis as well as problem-solving.
  • Hourglass marketing funnel PowerPoint template: In place of the traditional funnel diagram this template is represented in an hourglass shape. This template shows an illustration of narrowing down and expanding process and its two sides show the two phases of the customer journey, i.e., what is done during pre-purchase and post-purchase. Pre-purchase generally includes 6 stages such as engagement, education, research, evaluation, justification, and purchase. Post-purchase includes four levels such as adoption, retention, expansion, and advocacy.
  • 4 level funnel process mapping PowerPoint template: This template has 4 levels of general funnel shape and it contains a data table that has three process columns. With the help of this template, you can easily demonstrate the marketing process systematically. Hence in this funnel PowerPoint, you can include various processes such as target market, performance review, customer touchpoint, etc.
  • 3 Step conversion funnel PowerPoint template: This template shows a horizontal process flow diagram that has three major stages – traffic, i.e., the number of users visiting the website, sales funnel which the buyer’s journey and buyers represent the consequence of marketing and sales strategy. 
  • Timeline funnel concept PowerPoint template: This funnel diagram represents in a dashboard style. In this template, two formats are shown for the same concept and these are linear process timeline and funnel shape levels. Apart from that, in a linear process timeline and funnel shape levels, there are five sections. This template is highly suitable for sales and marketing concepts, for example, strategic planning for launching any new product or for assessing the product from the customer viewpoint.


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