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Consider the sense of touch. Unlike hearing, seeing, smelling and tasting, a baby can feel with his entire body, including his head. See if your child likes to feel boundaries around his head. Choosing the captain america costume is the right choice there.

Baby Hat

You can also knit a bow hat. There is a simple knitting pattern online under the name Lindbergh hat. The advantage of a smoothly knitted hat is that it fits well, better than a hood. A knitted hat is also stretchy and lasts a long time. Remember: Comfortable clothing is not only good for your baby, but also for you. A baby in comfy clothes is even nicer to cuddle


A coat or cardigan is also indispensable in your baby’s wardrobe. That seems obvious in the fall and winter, but don’t forget that it can also be quite chilly on summer evenings. And that your baby should always be dressed a little warmer for the first few weeks.

Which Size?

Do not buy too many clothes in advance or certainly not too many specific summer or winter items. Provide baby clothes in the smallest sizes (size 50, 56 and 62) and add to the wardrobe over time. It is sometimes difficult to estimate when your child will need which size and what the weather will be like. Baby clothes are often given as gifts. Keep track of how much clothing you have and in what size, so that it remains clear for you.

Baby Clothes: What Do I Really Need And How Many Pieces?

This is not to say that classic baby clothes are no longer of today. These will always remain sought after by many, especially when it comes to newborn babies. Baby Clothes Should Especially Be Comfortable

Babies lie down most of the day. It is therefore important that the clothing is comfortable. Cotton is nice and soft and also breathes. Make sure there are as few seams and frills on the back as possible. This also applies to a hood. No matter how cool it looks, your baby is a lot less comfortable with such a bulge in his neck.

Easy Clothes

A newborn baby doesn’t really cooperate with dressing yet. This can be difficult, especially if you have to put clothes over your baby’s head. Fortunately, there are plenty of baby clothes that take this into account. This way you don’t have to put on a wrap romper over your baby’s head. This is a romper that you put on like a cardigan with press studs on the side. Many shirts and sweaters have buttons at the neck. You open this so that you can easily get the outerwear over your head, and close it so that the Fat Thor Costume stays in place.

Washing Baby Clothes

Wash all baby clothes before using them. Choose a detergent with a neutral PH value to prevent skin irritation. For example, detergent Neutral (has no perfume, dyes and is dermatologically tested). In addition, do not use fabric softener, it can irritate the delicate baby skin and dry out the skin.

It is better for the environment to wash at a low temperature, for your baby if the clothes are washed at the highest possible temperature. The higher the temperature, the more bacteria are killed. Read carefully in the labels to what temperature you can wash the baby clothes.

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