Do You Want To Choose Your Timber Flooring Material?


The kind of flooring that you are going to choose while renovating or building your home is always quite an important decision.  There are endless options available these days on the market.

The best option that will be suitable for your home or family will depend on several factors like your children’s age, pets, comfort, mobility, budget, and finally your personal preference.

Most of the benefits offered by timber flooring will be that you can select the product based on your situation, colours, styles, finishes that you may like under the circumstances, which can be so much varied at times.

Let us, therefore, take a little closer look at different varieties of timber floors, so that you can choose one that will suit you the best. 689 Pty Ltd is a well-known flooring contractor available who can help you to install your timber floors.

  1. Check whether prefinished or raw

Any pre-finished timber flooring with proper coating will ensure a proper surface finish. This will make such pre-finished timber flooring installation much easier and more convenient. Any pre-finished timber flooring will not require any acclimatisation before you install them.

If you go for raw timber floors then it will need timber floor sanding and further coating, as a result, you have to spend more time for installation. However, depending upon thickness some amount of sanding will be needed for both.

  1. Select species and grade

Also, what species you select can impact the performance of your floor substantially. The appearance of your floor will remain impeccable if you select the material of the right grade. There are the following 3 grades available to choose from:

  • Select grade: This grade will have minimal features and will generally be available at a much higher cost.
  • Medium/standard grade: There will be more features and also more discolouration.
  • High feature grade: This grade will have the highest features with the most discolouration, and the cost will generally be the lowest.
  1. Check plank size

The thickness and the width play a very important role during selection. For any smaller rooms, a narrower floorboard will suit more. Even the smaller room will look bigger.

If you select a wider floorboard then your room will look more contemporary and stylish too. However, they can be a little expensive, and also there is a chance of warping due to climate changes.

  1. Choose surface finish

For pre-finished timber flooring you have got the following few choices for surface finish:

  • Gloss: Offers a very shiny finish on your floor however, may reflect the presence of dust, scratches, etc.
  • Semi-gloss: This can also offer some amount of shine, but will not reflect the scratches as above.
  • Matte: This will not offer any shine and offer a more natural finish that can bring out the timber pattern more.

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