Differences between Gastric Surgery and Gastric Balloon


Obesity disease and systemic diseases associated with this disease seriously threaten health. Obesity disorder, which affects physical and psychological health, may contribute to the alienation of individuals from society over time. For individuals who can’t get rid of chronic excess weight gain and obesity by taking more than the calories you expend and dieting or playing sports, bariatric surgery is an effective and required choice.

What is a Gastric Balloon?

An inflatable silicone balloon is placed inside the stomach using the endoscopic process, and the volume of the stomach is reduced when the balloon is in the stomach. The gastric balloon method is not a surgical application. The gastric balloon, which stays in the stomach for 6 to 12 months, is extracted from the stomach again using the endoscopic procedure depending on the type of preferred gastric balloon istanbul. Patients have a sensation of satiety after the balloon is inserted in the stomach, even though they eat a small amount. The aim of the application of the gastric balloon, which helps to lose weight, does not cause an anatomical shift and is done in a short period of about 20 minutes, is to acquire healthier eating habits and enable them to rapidly lose weight.

What is Gastric Surgery?

Gastric surgery is a procedure that can be done using an open or closed technique, based on the reduction of the stomach by about 80 percent, the portion of the stomach where the ghrelin hormone that regulates the appetite is secreted, and the development of a new stomach in the form of a vertical tube. After the operation, the stomach is permanently reduced, and this operation cannot be reversed. Pyloric valves, which provide the regulates passage of nutrients from the stomach to the small intestine, are covered during gastric surgery. Gastric surgery is one of the obesity surgery İstanbul procedures that limits food consumption, but as with many other procedures, it is up to patients to ensure that they lose weight and that they do not lose weight.        

The differences between these methods vary according to the application details. Gastric surgery is a surgical operation, an endoscopic procedure performed on the gastric balloon. The shape of the stomach is permanently altered in gastric surgery, and nutrient intake is reduced, while the gastric balloon procedure does not alter the anatomical structure of the stomach. Gastric surgery continues its life-long impact, and depending on the type of stomach balloon chosen, the stomach balloon restricts the consumption of food for 6 and 12 months. The common feature of both operations is to provide patients with healthy lifestyle habits. Otherwise, both methods cannot ensure that patients lose weight as much as they target.

Who is Suitable for Gastric Surgery? Who Is Suitable for Gastric Balloon?

For gastric surgery, the general health of the patient should be sufficient for surgery, and the body mass index value should be at least 35. However, if there are health issues caused by obesity, tube stomach surgery can also be done in patients with BMI values of 30 and above.

Gastric balloon application can be applied to those who need to lose weight before gastric surgery, those who do not have the qualifications for surgery and those who have a BMI value of a minimum of 30. In order to perform both methods of obesity surgery, all health checks of the patients are essential.




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