Decoding IPMAT


IPMAT (Integrated Programme in Management Aptitude Test) is conducted every year by IIM Indore for students’ admission in the 5 years integrated management course. This year the exam was delayed due to Corona Virus and was held on 7th September 2020. Let us have a look at a detailed analysis of the IPMAT Exam 2020.

Changes in IPMAT 2020

Before we move on to the analysis of the exam, here we will let you know what significant changes were made in the exam pattern this year.

         The exam was conducted in the afternoon instead of the morning like previous years.

         The time of the exam was reduced by half an hour and was only for 90 minutes.

         The no of questions was 60 as compared to 100.

         The sectional time limit was made 30 minutes as compared to 40 minutes.

          The maximum marks that can be scored came down to 240 from 400.

         Instead of a Personal Interview round, this time the final selection would be based on Video Assessment.

IPMAT Analysis section-wise

With good study hours and proper IPMAT coaching, students could have solved maximum questions in each section. Here is a section-wise analysis of the exam.

Quantitative Ability (SA)

The Quantitative Ability short answers section was first in the paper consisting of 10 questions. There were no negative marks applied to any wrong answer in this section. The section was moderately difficult and had a mixed bag of questions.

A good score of 20-22 can be achieved in this section. Expect the cut off to be around 8-12 marks in this section.

Quantitative Ability (MCQ)

The second section was loaded with 20 Mcqs. The question level can be termed as to be moderately difficult but doable. The majority of questions were from Algebra, Pure maths, and Data Interpretation set. For every correct answer, there would be +4, and every wrong answer negative marking of 1 mark.

The IPMAT coaching would help you in gaining a good score of 50-55 in this section. The cut off can be expected to be 24-28 marks.

Verbal Ability(MCQs)

The last section had 30 questions, and all could have been attempted in the time limit. The questions were easy to moderate. Cut off for Verbal Ability would be high as compared to the rest two sections owing to the difficulty level. For every correct answer, there would be +4, and every wrong answer negative marking of 1 mark.

A good score of 80-90 can be achieved in this section. Expect the cut off to be around 50-55 in this section.

Overall Analysis

A good score of 150(+/- 5 marks) can be expected to be the cut off this year due to the exam’s difficulty level. Around 17000 applicants have appeared in the IPMAT exam this year.

Students had to answer the question section wise with a time limit of 30 minutes in each section. The section was predefined, and once the section gets over, you cannot go back. The applicants could solve the next question only after the time limit of the section has been over.

After passing the examination, the candidates need to pass the video assessment round, consisting of 40 marks. Post selection in Interview, then only the final admission could take place.

Further notification for the next rounds would be announced by IIM Indore and applicants need to remain updated by checking on their website.

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