Build your own engagement ring using family heirloom diamond


Do you have a family diamond that you want to use to propose? But its setting must be outdated, worn, or maybe not as per your girlfriend’s taste. However, at Gemrize, we help you recreate your old family diamond in a new design and setting to match the modern taste. So, don’t hesitate to build your own engagement ring using a family heirloom. 

Since we make custom rings to order, you can consider any of our engagement ring settings to perfectly fit your old diamond. We can even create a totally customized engagement ring from scratch with your family diamond. 

But keep the following things in mind when redesigning a family ring into something different.

Make Sure Your Family Agrees With the Plan 

Heirloom diamonds and gems have deep sentimental value, as they are personal symbols of some precious life moments. Make sure that your family is OK to make any changes to a special family ring. No one wants to shock their grandmother suddenly when she sees what’s done to her ring. So, ask for their suggestions and if they agree then proceed further.

Choose a Practical Setting

That being said, it is very common for different generations to reuse family jewelry and create something new. But the vintage and antique settings are not always in trend. So, choose a setting that’s beautiful but practical to your era.

If we talk about today’s scenario, most women are working and have to work tirelessly all day long. It’s best to get a family diamond set in a safer setting to keep the stone firmly in place. It will ensure that the diamond doesn’t fall loose even when she has to work throughout the day wearing the engagement ring.

Assess the Quality & Condition of Old Diamond

Next, you have to assess the quality and condition of the old diamond. To keep it protected, get it graded at a renowned gemological laboratory. They will tell you about the quality of your diamond. Not all diamonds are worth the investment. For instance, if a family ring is worn heavily, it may have chips or scratches that often dull its shine. 

Minor scratches are easy to remove with repolishing without losing much of their weight. But larger chips can impact their weight and size. And, there is also a risk of damaging the precious diamond. It’s best to consult the expert jewelry designer to know their opinion on turning an old diamond into a new ring. 

Create a Timeless Custom Design With Gemrize

Once you get the approval of your family and an expert jewelry designer to reshape an old diamond into a custom engagement ring, you can begin with the next process. 

Are you ready to build your own engagement ring design with us? At Gemrize, we make custom wedding bands or engagement rings with precision. We help you design and craft anything that you may envision. 

We ensure that each custom engagement ring is as special as the couple who wants it. After all, we love to be a small part of each love story that unfolds at Gemrize every day. 

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