Borasu Pass Trek

Borasu Pass Trek

Many trekkers come from all over the globe every year to Har Ki Dun trek. This is one of the most stunning all-season treks.

It is not well-known that you can cross into Himachal if you keep following the same trail.

You will use the “Borasu Pass” to cross this pass. It connects Tons Valley, Uttarakhand, with Baspa Valley, Himachal. Trekking to Barasu Pass promises adventure.

It is a strenuous trek at 5360m.

You will pass dense forests of walnut, chestnut, willow, and chinar trees on the trek. From Osla to Har-ki-doon, the trek takes you through lush green grassy patches and dense coniferous forests.

The trail from Har ki Dun (In Himachal), covers many landscapes that might require some technical equipment. The pass lies close to Tibet, as it is at the border of the Indian Himalayas.

Due to the steep ascents, descents, and difficult trail that Borasu Pass requires, experienced trekkers should not attempt it. May, June and October are the best months to do the Borasu pass trek. For more information about the Borasu Pass Trek, please visit this page.

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