Best Gold Jewellery Designs for a Perfect Housemaker


Gold for long has been a prime investment option for Indians, especially women. But, as time passed women whether working or homemakers- they are extensively looking at various investment options such as stock markets, mutual funds, fixed deposits, and gold of course remains to be their all-time favorite. Having said that, gone are those days where women used to buy gold and safely shut them in lockers. Millennial women’s experience with Jewelry is different, they buy gold with not just with an intention of investment but to wear, to style, and above all to define themselves.  Some evergreen Jewellery designs that are perfect are:

Gold Earrings:

Gold Jewellery under 50K surely excites everyone, one such item that qualifies this price range is the gold earring designs for daily use. What more can one ask for, several gold earrings designs come in unmatched styles in different weight and price ranges. From chandeliers to simple studs, from hoops to hangings, from Huggies to teardrops, from dangles to drops- one cannot dispense the grace and grandeur that daily wear gold earrings offer.

Mangalsutra designs:

A favorite sentiment that Indian women use as an adornment- mangalsutras continue to be a favorite choice amongst homemakers and married millennial women. A simple search for “mangalsutra designs gold” will give umpteen models that you will go haywire to choose from. Apart from Black Bead chains, black bead bracelets, bangles, short necklaces, earrings are also trending. You can now match long length Black bead mangalsutra with earrings and bangles and make a complete set too. Several mangalsutra designs have evolved and Karigars have experimented black beads with Lightweight minimalistic designs, with Antique workmanship, with gemstones and diamonds studded in them. The design intellect of the Karigars has reached new dimensions with growing customer preferences.

Gold Bangles:

Plain and simple designs have become the order of the day. They are appealing among elders and millennials equally. Plain daily wear bangles go well with every attire- fusion, traditional, and western too. You can find several types of bangles online. There are multiple gold bangle sets available at reasonable price points and they make for great additions to your treasure chest or even quality gifts for special people. Gold bangles are also an excellent gifting option.

Silver Payal:

The conventional thick sinuous silver Payal designs with gungroo are totally replaced with mode, fascinating, and very stylish designs that are simple, alluring, and quirky. Anklets have been a part of or adornment regime for centuries for a variety of reasons. Payal adds a bout of grace to the feet, they are a great help to keep the ankle toned, to ward off negative energy, and to keep wild animals at bay. With time the relevance of the above reasons is lost but style definitely remains to be the leading reason. Thin or thick, with gungroo or without them, silver or gold – Payal is an adornment that is here to stay for the coming many decades.

Out of an endless list of beautiful Jewellery adornments, the above are a few of our Style editor choices, you can add to them or create a treasure chest that is exclusive to your personality and preference. Whatever may be your style, accessorize to stay mode, to stay fashionable, and simply to stay as you are!!

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