Having the Right Tax Submission Done


There is not a single entrepreneur who does not suffer from the burden of taxes. This is a complex issue, as each project covers a specific segment and activity, which leads to the payment of different types of taxes.

However, it is possible to circumvent this situation in a totally legal manner, with the objective of paying lower amounts, by falling into the correct tax modality and keeping the obligations with the tax authorities up to date, avoiding the payment of unnecessary fines and fees. Therefore, one of the great challenges for business owners is to keep the company competitive in the market and, at the same time, with financial health up to date. The state tax calculator  is important here to keep track of the tax calculation.

How about knowing more about the subject and knowing what taxes, depending on your area of ​​expertise, you will have to pay? Continue reading and see more details.

Social Contribution on Net Income

Contribution to the Social Integration Program it means.

Types of state taxes

  • Tax on Circulation of Goods and Services (ICMS)
  • Motor Vehicle Property Tax (IPVA)
  • Types of municipal taxes
  • Service Tax
  • Urban Property and Territorial Property Tax
  • Existing tax regimes in Brazil
  • Simple national
  • Presumed profit
  • Real profit
  • Taxes applicable to each business segment
  • By the size of the business
  • Small and medium-sized enterprises
  • Big companies
  • By company legal structure
  • Limited society
  • Anonymous society
  • By exploited activity
  • Health services
  • Transport services
  • E-commerce
  • The importance of good tax planning
  • Support from a specialized advisory

Main taxes that companies have to pay

Opening a business requires extra attention as to the taxes that a company has to pay in order to plan and overcome the challenges of the heavy tax burden in Brazil. The first step is to think in advance which framework it fits in, to pay only the amounts due.

After all, running a business requires information. By collecting all the data, you can invest in tax planning, to keep your accounts organized and your tax obligations up to date.

We emphasize that evading or defrauding taxes is not a good idea, as it can jeopardize the future of the enterprise, in addition to putting all the invested capital at risk.

The amount to be paid depends on some factors, such as the size of the company, its segment of operation and the chosen tax regime. However, there are 7 main taxes that all enterprises pay to carry out their activities within the law. Are they:

  • Corporate Income Tax
  • Social Contribution on Net Income
  • Tax on the Circulation of Goods and Services
  • Contribution to Social Security Financing
  • Contribution to Social Security
  • Contribution to PIS / PASEP
  • Service Tax (ISS).

Municipal, state and federal taxes

In order not to get lost in the middle of the cascade of taxes to be paid, we list below the types of taxes that must be collected, according to each sphere of collection.

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