Benefits of hiring a company secretary for your Hong Kong company


Hong Kong ranks among the top places in the world for investment, and several foreign investors have set up their companies here, receiving excellent returns. You receive several benefits here, such as simple taxation procedures, low tax rates, skilled and literate workforce, proximity to leading Asian markets, business-friendly policies, and many others. However, there are many administrative tasks and mandatory legal requirements you need to take care of, making it challenging to focus on your core business tasks. If you want to ensure that you run your business efficiently and do not face legal hassles, you must hire professional secretarial services in Hong Kong who are suitably experienced.

Duties of a company secretary

  1. Enabling a company to comply with all mandatory legal obligations
  2. Preparing essential documents, such as contracts and agreements
  3. Organizing board meetings, Annual General meetings (AGMs), and Extraordinary General Meetings ( EGMs)
  4. Preparing the agenda and minutes of the meetings
  5. Providing advice to the board regarding corporate laws
  6. To maintain excellent relations with shareholders
  7. To make sure that the board’s instructions are properly communicated and followed

Advantages you get from hiring a company secretary

These are the benefits:

  1. Improved productivity: By hiring a qualified secretary, you can run your company more efficiently, leading to increased productivity and more profits in the long run. The secretary will ensure that all tasks are completed in time, thus ensuring minimum capital loss.
  2. Better administration: A secretary also helps in administrative tasks, such as managing payroll, whenever you require them, thereby reducing your stress.
  3. Prevents late submissions and penalties: The secretary helps you submit your tax returns in time by sending you timely reminders. This enables you to avoid paying hefty fines and also keeps you in the good books of the tax authorities.
  4. Ensures legal compliance: It is the secretary’s duty to inform the directors and shareholders of their legal obligations. The secretary ensures that the documents related to the company’s statutory administration are correct and up-to-date.
  5. Enhanced public image: By ensuring that you pay your taxes in time and are free from legal hassles, the secretary improves your standing in the public’s eyes.

A professional company secretary can efficiently guide you through the challenges of setting up and running your business, thus improving your productivity and growing your profits. 3E Accounting Limited is a leading Hong Kong Corporate Service Provider that provides company incorporating services at cost-effective rates. We also offer professional corporate secretarial services helping companies run their businesses efficiently by taking care of their administrative burdens and keeping them compliant.

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