Benefits of a Posture Corrector with Posture Lab


Our posture, whether you like it or not, plays a big role from things such as pain levels, all the way through to self-confidence levels. And it has more of an impact than you might think.

It doesn’t take much effort these days to improve the posture, especially with the advances in technology. There are even ways to improve the posture naturally, but these are a little harder to achieve as posture corrector’s offer you the support, even when you aren’t thinking about it.

A good posture is one where our spine is neutral. Where we maintain a good posture, the muscles surrounding the spine are equal when supporting the body. E.g. no imbalances occur.

There are huge benefits for us to take away when achieving a good posture through the help of a posture corrector from Posture Lab, which include:

1. Reduced Back Pain

Sitting is the most common here to cause back pain. A great deal of us work long hours during the day sat at a desk, which causes us to adopt a slouching position for long periods, without even knowing it. This slouching can cause a great deal of pressure on discs, muscles, ligaments etc. and can potentially be harming to our health long term. By wearing a posture corrector from Posture Lab, you can be sure that your back and spine are being pulled into a more neutral position for support and stability.

2. Fewer Headaches

It has been proven that poor posture can actually cause tension headaches from a result of the increased tension that is placed on the back of the neck. Clearly this has a negative impact on our health, especially if these were to occur more often than not. All it takes is a simple solution by wearing your posture corrector for up to 30 minutes a day to help reduce tension headaches. The corrector is a good starting point to help strengthen the muscles around the neck area and upper back.

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3. Energy Levels Increase

When the body is working correctly and everything is aligned, this can actually result in less fatigue and more energy. When bones and joints align correctly, it puts less stress on the muscles to support these structures, and allows them to be used in the way they are meant to be used. The posture corrector can help aid the alignment of the bones and joints, while strengthening muscles.

4. Increased Lung Capacity

The problem with slouching and hunching naturally is that is means that your lungs are actually being compressed, which as we know, can result in less room to let air in. By applying a posture corrector, it allows us to pull the shoulder blades back and the pecks out, resulting in your lungs having more space to expand.

5. Improved Core and Scapular Strength

When the posture corrector is applied, it pulls the shoulder blades back into place which means that the scapula is allowed to sit in their natural position. Muscles need to be active and engaged for a good posture to be required. With the scapula’s back, the upper back will remain active and engaged. The posture corrector here is good to build muscle memory, so that when you’re not wearing it, you will be reminded naturally by your body that your scapula’s are out of position and immediately you will look to correct this.

The same principles also apply with the core. By maintaining the healthy upright posture, you are able to engage your core more naturally and keep the muscles working as they are intended to.

6. Better Workouts

This leads on from the above point, especially around core strength. As science tells us, our posture doesn’t just affect us when we are sitting or standing. There can also be huge consequences to our workouts too. One of the biggest exercises to build strength is through a squat – whether you are in the gym or even at home due to the muscle engagement it provides.

When the spine is in a natural/neutral position and the core is engaged, it can actually help us to build more strength, while helping to prevent injury.

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7. Appear Taller and Slimmer

As random as this might sound, it is proven that a good posture can actually make us look more attractive. By adopting a healthy posture, it allows us to look taller, while also making us look slimmer. There is also the added bonus that the abdominals can appear more defined when the posture is on point. This makes sense as the posture corrector allows us to push the chest out further, reducing the gut protrusion.

8. Increased Self-Confidence

As we have seen throughout this post, there are many benefits to maintaining a good posture. Another one that is evident is the boost in self-esteem or self-confidence. Studies have actually found that people’s thoughts can be influenced by their own posture, even if they don’t realise it is happening.

The above are to name a few benefits that can be seen from an improved posture, but there are actually many more. Fixing the posture is not a five minute job and one should take time out of their day to ensure that the correct steps are being taken to improve their posture. That’s where the Posture Lab posture corrector comes into play.

The Australian based company have the perfect solution for those who require a little help in correcting their non-perfect posture. Their posture correctors come in two different sizes to cater for men and women, while their correctors offer your pure comfort when wearing.

Each posture corrector comes with a stitched logo on the back so you can be sure it belongs to Posture Lab. At only $34.99, with free standard Australian shipping, you can be sure you’re getting a bargain to help you correct your posture long term.

If you haven’t already checked out the website, head over to today to purchase yours.

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