Becoming a Better Leader


Good leaders have a vision. They are wise, smart, have integrity, and most importantly, they never stop learning. There is always a scope of becoming a better leader.

Business and political leaders like Tom Jakobek and Jim Flaherty have come a long way in their leadership journey by adapting to change and learn every day.

Here are a few qualities of a leader that can help change perceptions about you, and help you grow.

Start listening

People believe that good leaders should be extraordinary speakers, but good leaders should be good listeners first. Your ability to speak clearly and consciously will take you a long way, but if you speak only to prove your point and show that you are smarter than others, people will stop listening to you. Make feedback sessions 360 degrees, where you give feedback to your team members and openly take feedback from them.

Respect people’s time and efforts

Everyone’s time and efforts are as important as yours. A high position on the corporate ladder doesn’t mean you can be late every time, cancel meetings and don’t show up without a valid reason. People who manage their time can manage a lot of things. Show respect to your team members and outsiders by showing up on time. Set reminders for yourself and apologize for not making it or reaching late for meetings.

Work smart

Hard work pays, but smart work pays better. Some people work hard; sometimes more than they can sustain, compromising their health, family, and personal life. Efficient leaders know how to balance various aspects of their life. They understand it’s not the number of hours you put in that count; it’s the results that you get. Make the most of your time by delegating tasks and focusing on things that matter to you.

Volunteer for social work

When you give back to society, you achieve a sense of fulfilment and get motivated to do better. Moreover, people respect you for your charity and compassion. Get involved in community programs or a food drive. Mentor kids at a development workshop or work for the upliftment of poor and needy. You will be amazed by the transformation in your personality as you build strong relationships with empathetic people. Such tasks can open a plethora of learning opportunities for you.

I have come across Tom Jakobek who is currently the landlord of the Highland Creek Plaza. He has done several good deeds in the community, such as holding an annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony, cleaning up walls vandalized with graffiti, funding the annual heritage parade and sponsoring local hockey and baseball teams.

Take breaks

Neither do nor preach that working fifteen hours a day will make someone a good employee or a great leader. Efficient leaders know that exhausting oneself beyond a limit will eventually slow down productivity and affect their mental and physical health. It is essential to take breaks to recharge. Hit the ground with more vigour and fresh mind. Remember, great ideas generate in a relaxed mind. Stay balanced, stay motivated. 

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