Choosing the right window treatment can change the atmosphere and overall look of your home. Wooden blinds are the perfect choice if you want absolute control over the amount of light that enters the room. They are available in different materials and your choice should be based on the purpose for which you are installing them.

Moisture resistance

Compared to natural wood, wooden blinds are more moisture-resistant, so they last longer in high-humidity areas like kitchens, laundry rooms, and bathrooms.  They are made of PVC or polyvinyl chloride. They are durable against scratches and damage to our natural wood. They will not fade or become brittle from constant exposure to the sun like natural wood but will begin to yellow over age.

Light and heat control

With horizontal slats made of real or faux wood (the choice is entirely yours) and a tilt function, you can easily control the amount of extreme light and heat you let flow through your home all year round. 

They are a thermal insulator for the winter, reduce heating costs, insulate against noise, and allow fresh air to flow through your home in the summer while acting as a shield. 


Synthetic material like PVC is much cheaper than real wood. However, the price difference does not affect their performance. They can give your home the same aesthetic appeal as our natural wood. Although the choice of shade is limited compared to natural wood, these roller blinds are suitable for the interior of almost every home. Because they are affordable, you can dress up more windows around the house without stretching your budget too much.

Easy maintenance

Wooden blinds are surprisingly easy to maintain and can be easily cleaned and maintained in their original appearance all year round. Simply dust lightly (although opening and tilting the slats will naturally reduce build-up) or wipe with a damp cloth. They don’t need any attention, they will sit in your windows and look forever fresh and attract the attention of your guests.

Vinyl is easier to clean than wood because you can use soapy water and other similar solutions without damaging the material with moisture. Unlike wood, they do not rot or warp over time. Regular dusting will keep it looking like new. Using special rinsing solutions or a bar of mild liquid soap and pH-balanced water can ensure that your blinds last for many years. You can clean them and they are not susceptible to damage from moisture or scratches.


Materials such as vinyl are much more durable compared to natural wood and will last for years with good maintenance. They are also pet friendly as wood is more prone to breaking when pets roam around the house. PVC is a type of thermoplastic and is designed to be fire resistant as well, which is another advantage of such blinds.

All our wooden blinds are manufactured to the highest standards and each one has been quality tested to ensure our customers always receive the highest quality product. Our Trustpilot Excellent score can vouch for us! Our real wood blinds are made from 100 wood, a strong and durable wood that will complement your windows for many years.

Our wooden blinds are lightweight plastic slats made to resemble real wood and are easy to maintain, making them suitable for bathrooms and kitchens. Not only all of the above, but the individual product is guaranteed for 5 years.

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