Advantages Of Portable Rigging Equipment

Advantages Of Portable Rigging Equipment

Portable rigging equipment is essential when dealing with many indoor industrial settings. Often the centrepiece of a company work floor, these machines make it possible to move and maneuver a range of items around the space. For lifting and moving materials, products and more, they often do nothing else can in these indoor or close situations. When you have professionals help guide you through the range, you can ensure you get the best option suited to your business needs. Contact us today to find out more. 

Compact Size

A gantry system like this is compact and movable, causing far less disruption around the space when regarding other work and movement. This ability will significantly reduce the need to move auxiliary equipment near the working area when taking on more significant tasks. For example, in hospitals, laboratories, and old buildings containing generators or sensitive equipment, there are often elements that cannot easily be accessed or are stored away in separate rooms altogether. This makes working with these machines and in these spaces far more complex and slow-moving. In situations like these, a mini gantry combined with a skidding system will offer an excellent solution for getting the load in or out of the building and into a more workable space. This is ideal for more extensive settings where work relies on several processes and machines over time. 

Synchronized Lifting

These heavy movies are focused on the idea of a synchronized lift. Not just for operator safety, but also to safeguard the load as it is kept safe and steady throughout the process. By choosing a gantry with alarm functions, you’ll have the reassurance that if something moves outside the set tolerances, you will be alerted immediately. With these systems, you can move several objects and loads with efficiency and a safe understanding that the load is level at all times. This is ideal when there is a shifting weight or an oddly shaped bag. 

Safety Features

Even the most experienced machine movers rely on safety features to ensure that every action and task is completed with the utmost safety at its centre. The ability to use the gantry wirelessly, and at a safe distance is a vital feature to watch out for, as is the warning system, as together they work to ensure that at all times you are aware of the status of the load and the potential risks of operating. 

Size is Compact

Passes via a typical entryway. A hydraulic gantry is included in the fleets of many machine-moving industries. Few will, however, have one that can be moved in modules through a conventional personnel doorway. A gantry like this will decrease the need to transfer auxiliary equipment near the load and cause less disruption on the shop floor during setup.

Simplicity and Convenience

Time is money in any moving operation. Simplicity and ease of use go a long way toward ensuring the success of a project. The gantry can be operated by both machine-moving contractors and moderately trained in-house operators. The convenience of a self-contained system that includes the pump, controls, and motor system is further enhanced.


You’ll want to recuperate your investment in any facility purchased to move big machinery. Be confident that, compared to larger models, a portable will serve a wide range of applications. Choosing supplementary accessories wisely will expand your options even further.

Why Choose Us

Pro-Bel creates a diverse range of portable rigging equipment products to address every job-site issue. Rigging sleeves, in general, enable convenient and safe access to crucial suspension lines and lifelines through roofs, floors, walls, and other structural elements. Rigging sleeve systems should only be used if all other methods of suspended maintenance have failed. If suspension lines (or worker lifelines) cannot go around a building’s permanent architectural features, the only option is to pass through them. The Pro-Bel portable rigging equipment’s excellent engineering provides this one-of-a-kind advantage.

Portable rigging equipment is an essential part of the industrial setting. It allows for far more diverse movements and maneuverability in tight areas where many tasks are being taken on. Professionals like us can ensure you have the right tools for your work. Contact us today to find out more. 


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