5 Quick Italian Salads Ideas



You may have perhaps planned to surprise your family members or friends with an outdoor menu. To impress everyone, you may try those zesty, delicious Italian summer salads. They are filled with bright ingredients and rich flavors, thus offering Mediterranean cuisine to the table. Seasonal ingredients may be used like seafood, fennel, tomatoes, etc. If you lack the skills or time, you may order from the nearest italian restaurant.

5 Italian salad ideas

  • Insalata di tonno e-fagioli: 

This traditional Italian salad is prepared by mixing olive oil, red onions, pepper, salt, tuna and cannellini beans. Slice thinly onions, cover it with cold water and use salt for seasoning. Leaving it alone for an hour will make them more digestible and sweeter. Dress beans with olive oil. Season using pepper and salt. Flake tuna over beans. Drain onion slices and sprinkle it over tuna. Pour remaining oil into salad for taste. 

  • Insalata di-finocchi e-arance: 

This traditional Italian salad has its origin in Sicily. It is combined with thinly sliced fennel, orange slices, mint, salt, olive oil, black olives and onions. Arrange orange slices on platter along with fennel and scatter over it, black olives, thin onion slices. Drizzle salad with salt, olive oil and sprinkle with mint. For extra flavor, include toasted pine nuts, if desired. You may order a wide range of salads from the top italian restaurant.

  • Bottarga and Artichokes Salad: 

It has its origin in Sardinia. It is prepared by combining artichokes, olive oil, lemon juice, bottarga, radicchio and salt. Slice and dress artichokes with olive oil and lemon oil mix. Season it with salt. Mix and toss using shredded radicchio. Arrange them neatly on a platter. Slice thinly bottarga and sprinkle over salad top before serving. 

  • Cappon Magro: 

This flavorful seafood as well vegetable salad has its origin in Liguria and is visually appealing. The ingredients get arranged traditionally in colorful pyramid and green sauce is drizzled over it. A few ingredients used are white fish, lobsters, potatoes, carrots, olives, celery, hard-boiled eggs and capers. 

  • Aragosta alla Catalana: 

This dish has its origin in Sardinia. The ingredients used are tomatoes, lobster, oil, onions and lemon. They may even contain capers, cherry tomatoes and potatoes based on the variations. Lobster is to be boiled and then cut to smaller pieces. Mix it with tomatoes, oil, lemon juice and onions. It is best served hot. 

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