ADU Cost For Garage Conversions


Converting a garage into an ADU is often the cheapest option when it comes to building an ADU. However, it is not always. The ADU cost cost to convert a garage differs from project to project and is not always the best option.

Is A Garage Conversion Right For You?

Often people think that in order to save the most amount of money, they should convert their garage into an ADU. However, whether or not this will truly save you the most money depends on a few different factors.

Do You Need Your Garage?

This is a huge factor. By turning your garage into an ADU you will no longer have a place to park your cars or store outwwdoor things unless you have a shed somewhere. You could attempt to only do the upstairs of the garage, assuming you already have an upstairs because adding a second story can get quite expensive as well.

Does Your Garage Have Electricity And Water?

Are you going to need to pay to run a new sewage line and electrical line? This can be quite expensive especially if you need to run the line under a paved driveway.

Is Your Garage In Good Shape?

Is your garage foundation solid? Are the walls in good shape? If the garage needs a lot of work in order to be livable, it may be cheaper and less time consuming to start from scratch. You need to think about things like insulation and sturdiness. If you have lots of holes in your walls and the floor is falling apart, you are going to be putting in a lot more money than you would with a new construction ADU.

How Much Does A Garage Conversion Cost?

A 2-car garage conversion cost in Los Angeles is anywhere from $92,000 to $121,000. These costs are based on a one-bedroom, one-bathroom unit. If you want more than that, it is going to cost you more.

You also need to take into consideration the materials you wish to use and the size of the garage. As well as how much work the garage needs to become livable.


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